Why The Idea of a Career Path is Flawed

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According to Melissa Venable at the Online College website, career path is one of the most overused phrases in education. College counselors use it when discussing the future with their students, and those enrolled in college degree programs use it to guide their future decisions. Unfortunately, there is no simple path that students can follow that will guarantee any kind of career or employment after graduation. Here are some of Venable’s reasons that the career path is no longer valid and what you can do about it.

Careers Are Changing

The primary reasons that a career path no longer exists in the traditional sense are the changing economy, new types of work and a change in hiring practices. Hiring managers and employers no longer simply want candidates who have a degree. They look outside of the box to pick employees who are capable of specific tasks. In addition, careers are changing. Many people find work as freelance or part-time employees in today’s economy.

Learning to Deal with Changing Hiring Practices

To deal with these changes in hiring practices, do away with the idea of career paths altogether. Instead, you will want to be curious and explore new opportunities, be flexible with employment, take risks and be optimistic. You may not be able to graduate in four years and immediately find a salaried career with a pension, but you could find a part-time job while earning your degree online and then begin a lucrative freelance career, among many other nontraditional options. To learn more about the lack of traditional career paths today, read the entire article here.

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