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IT Support TechnicianAs more and more people rely on electronic devices like tablets, laptops and smartphones for work, communication, shopping and banking, there are more and more things that can be confusing for the average user. Thousands of people call IT helplines every day for a range of products and services, and they often need help completing even the most basic of tasks. The people who answer these phone calls and emails are often called IT support technicians. If you have a natural knack for solving problems, and you have a background in electronics or computers, then you might be interesting in pursuing a career as an IT support technician. Here is everything you will need to know when it comes to the qualification you need, the education required, the job outlook and your future career outlook.

Required Education and Training

While there is no set requirement for IT support technicians, it is much easier to find a stable job with a great salary if you have some formal education in the field. Most employers look for job candidates that have a degree like the Associate in Information Technology/Desktop Support. This degree will teach students how to troubleshoot a range of different problems, it will delve into the basics of computer science and it will show students how to deal directly with clients or consumers.

Completing Your Degree Online

Earning your degree online in a computing field is great for many reasons. First, it allows you to get more comfortable with your own computer, which is something you will definitely IT Support Technicianwant in your future career. Second, it shows future employers that you view your computer as a place to work rather than a place to play, watch movies or chat with friends. If you are a busy student with a job, family obligations or anything else that stands in the way of attending college full time, an online degree can be the perfect solution to fit an education into your hectic life.

Everyday Life as an IT Support Technician

Working as an IT support technician has pros and cons just like any job. You might work in a call center answering phone calls from users at home who are having trouble with their programs and devices, but you may also work in the IT department of a large office and help employees with their work devices.

Job Outlook for IT Support Technicians

Although a career as an IT support technician typically only requires an associate degree, the median salary is still a very impressive $47,000 per year. In addition, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a 14 percent increase in job openings within the field over the next decade. These statistics show that earning a degree in computer technical support is a smart way to advance your career and set you up for stability in the future.

Whether you are a whiz at computing or you just enjoy helping others, earning an online degree can help you to find a dream career as an IT support technician. Find out more about earning your degree online at

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