Top Careers Requiring an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice

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Online Degree in Criminal JusticeIn order for society to function properly, there has to be a justice system in place that punishes criminals in order to discourage crime and promote justice and peace. In order for that criminal justice system to work effectively, it requires thousands of trained professionals working in a range of different careers. To find employment in this challenging and fascinating field, you will first need a minimum of an associate degree in criminal justice. This can be earned at a traditional college campus, but it can save you time and money to pursue it through an accredited online college instead. Once you have completed the two-year associate degree, you can have your pick of the following careers in criminal justice.

Deputy Sheriff

As you might imagine, a deputy sheriff works underneath the sheriff in rural counties across the country. The sheriff’s office is responsible for investigating criminal activity within their jurisdiction, writing reports after any action is taken, serving as bailiffs and going on patrol to monitor certain areas. If you would like to be directly involved with the apprehension and arrest of criminals, then working as a deputy sheriff is a great option. In order to quality for this career, you need to be over the age of 21, be a United States citizen, pass a background check and have some training like an associate degree in the study of criminal justice.

Computer Forensics Investigator

As more and more crimes are committed over the Internet or with the use of electronic devices, there are an increasing number of computer forensics investigators that are needed in the Online Degree in Criminal Justice criminal justice system. A day in the life of a computer forensics investigator could include collecting data from devices and computers used by criminals or even testifying in court about the information found on said devices. This is the perfect career for someone with a criminal justice degree and a background in computing or information technology.


One of the most necessary positions in the criminal justice system is the paralegal. Paralegals work hard for both sides in court, and they may prepare documents for district attorneys, research past cases for their clients or even interview witnesses in person.

Fingerprint Specialist

Not all criminal justice jobs take place on the streets or in courtrooms. As a fingerprint specialist, you might carry out duties like collecting fingerprints from evidence, comparing fingerprints or compiling data in order to eliminate suspects or apprehend criminals. A degree in criminal justice and additional fingerprint training is typically all you need to find employment in this career.

Security Guard

If you want to find a steady job outside of the legal world, a career as a security guard can be the perfect fit. Security guards work in all kinds of environments, and you could find a career at a school, in a prison, at major athletic venues or even with private celebrity clients.

Earning your criminal justice associate’s degree online can be the stepping stone to one of these important criminal justice careers. is the place to begin looking for the right program and college that fits your needs best.

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