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There are a number of different ways that individuals can serve their nation. Some people choose to become teachers, and they educate the next generation so that they can be critical thinkers. Other individuals might enlist in the military in order to physically protect their country. If you want to devote your career to preventing terrorism and securing the nation, then you might be interested in working in the field of homeland security. Here are the most common about the associate degree in homeland security.

What is Homeland Security?

Just like the name suggests, homeland security is all about securing the land in which you live. On a broad scale, homeland security includes protecting the borders of the country, preventing terrorism and preparing for disaster situations. The overall goal of effective homeland security is to help citizens feel safe and secure when within the nation’s borders.

How Long Does it Take to Complete an Associate Degree?

On average, students take two years to complete the associate degree in the field of homeland security. If you choose to pursue your degree online rather than through a traditional brick and mortar college campus, you can speed up or slow down the progression of the course to better fit your schedule. This means that you can study full-time and graduate within a year, or you could work full-time and complete assignments over a three-year period if that better meets your needs.

What Courses Do Enrolled Students Take?

It is important to note that the syllabus and course program for homeland security programs differ significantly from college to college. However, students can expect to study much of the same material across the board. The most common subjects you will come across include emergency management, network security, international law, history of terrorism, extremism and violence, cyber crime and American history.

Can You Earn Your Degree Online?

Even if you don’t have the time, money or desire to attend college in the traditional sense, you can still earn your degree online. Accredited online colleges allow students to pursue their homeland security degrees with online lectures, live video streaming and online exams. It can be a convenient, affordable and flexible alternative to traditional college campuses for many students.

What are the Degree Prerequisites?

Before you will be eligible to enroll in an associate degree program in the field of homeland security, you must be able to meet the school’s prerequisites. These vary from college to college, but they will almost always require applicants to have a high school degree, be over the age of 18 or have parental permission and submit a written application essay.

What Careers are Available for Graduates?

Graduating with a homeland security degree opens up a lot of doors for graduates. Many individuals go on to work in government departments at the state, local or federal level. Many graduates holding associate degrees also choose to work as fire fighters or in law enforcement.

A degree in homeland security can be your ticket to a satisfying and challenging career that demonstrates your desire to help your country and fellow citizens. Explore your options to earn you college degree online at

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