Your Guide to an Online Degree in Criminal Justice and Cyber Crimes

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Fifty years ago, there was no need at all for a cyber crimes division within the criminal justice system. Computers were expensive and in the hands of a select few, and it was not yet known just how much damage could be done with electronic devices over the Internet. Today, however, cyber crimes are a serious issue around the world.

There is a great need for individuals who are trained in this field, and an increasing number of colleges offer degree programs like the B.S in Criminal Justice Administration/Cyber crimes. If this sounds like the right fit for your education, then this guide can answer your questions regarding requirements, curriculum and potential careers.

Prerequisites for Enrollment

Whether you are planning to apply to a traditional college campus program or an degree program offered through an accredited online college, you will need to meet the specific prerequisites before you can be admitted.

On average, colleges offering bachelor’s degrees will expect students to be over the age of 18, have a high school diploma, have a grade point average of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale and have SAT or ACT scores to submit. You may also be expected to turn in written references, your high school transcripts or an admissions essay before you can be considered for admittance.

What to Expect From the Degree Program

A bachelor’s degree in criminal justice administration with a focus on cyber crimes is a four-year program, and most schools have a curriculum with roughly 120 credits that need to be Criminal Justicecompleted. Many of the courses are in general criminal justice subjects like homeland security, criminal law and corrections.

However, there is a special emphasis on the field of cyber crimes, and students are taught to identify problems, seek out cyber criminals and process electronic data through classes like information systems development, Internet law and cyber crime forensics.

Typical Careers for Graduates

After graduation, an overwhelming majority of students will pursue a career within the criminal justice system. Graduates can typically find work as criminal investigators, detectives and within the police system.

However, many others will turn to information systems careers, and they may work with individual companies to reduce pirating or investigate corporate espionage. Those who are more interested in the criminal justice side of the degree can work in corrections or as patrol police duties, and their cyber crimes experience is bound to come in handy along the way.

Benefits of an Online Degree

Many aspiring students feel that they can’t pursue a bachelor’s degree because they don’t have the time. In reality, an online degree can fit into even the busiest of schedules. As long as you have some spare time and access to the Internet, you can listen to recorded classes, watch live lectures with online streaming and even take your exams whenever it is most convenient for you.

An online degree in criminal justice administration with a focus on cyber crimes can be the perfect way to get ahead and begin an exciting new career. Find out more about accredited colleges offering the program that’s right for you at

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