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AccountingIf you already work as an accountant or in bookkeeping, you might help individuals and clients to file their taxes. On the other side of the coin are the forensic accountants who work to investigate potential tax fraud. In order to work in this field, a master’s degree is incredibly helpful. Unfortunately, many people don’t know that they want to pursue this as a career until they have already started working in accounting, and you may not be able to stop everything and attend school full time. The alternative is to earn an online master’s in forensic accounting. Here are the basics to help you better understand the degree and why it might benefit you to earn the degree online.

How Long Does the Master’s Degree Take?

If you were to attend classes regularly at a brick and mortar college campus, it could take you anywhere from one to two years to complete the master’s degree in forensic accounting. Studying at home through an online degree program will typically yield the same results, but you will have more flexibility in either direction. If you have a lot of time and want to finish the degree quickly, you may be able to complete it in less than one year. On the other hand, those with a busy schedule can progress as slowly as they need to.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

The eligibility requirements for applicants differ substantially from college to college, but the one thing that all master’s students are required to have is a bachelor’s degree. Most students will already have a bachelor’s degree in accounting, but you might be able to get by with a degree in a related subject such as business, economics, finance or math. However, those without an accounting degree may be required to pass certain examinations to bring them up to speed with the basic principles of accounting.

What Courses Will I Complete?

The goal of the forensic accounting degree is to prepare students for a career investigating tax returns and financial records. With that in mind, some of the most common courses in this Forensic Accountingdegree program include auditing, international business law and fraud examination.

Can I Complete the Degree Online?

Students who want to complete their degree online can easily do so, and this has many advantages. Online degree programs fit in better with busy schedules, which is almost certainly true for someone who already has a career in accounting. Online courses are also flexible, convenient and more affordable than traditional college programs.

What Careers are Available After Graduation?

As you might expect, a large number of forensic accountants will go on to work in the Internal Revenue Service. However, that is not the only option open to graduates. Forensic accountants are in demand in banks and financial institutions, and they can also work as consultants for lawyers in trials and court cases related to financial crimes.

An online master’s degree in forensic accounting can be just what you need to open new doors for your career and help you to get ahead in life. Find out more at

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