Who Benefits From Online Education?

March 15th, 2013 by

Online courses are typically viewed as a way for aspiring college students to pursue an education without having to attend physical classes. While this is often seen as a good thing for nontraditional students and minorities, author Doug Lederman of Inside Higher Ed discusses a new study that shows just how beneficial an online education actually is.

The overall results of the study done by the Community College Research Center at Columbia University shows that some students who take online classes do worse than their peers in traditional courses. The exception to the rule is older students, who are actually able to earn better grades and complete more credits overall than if they were attending a brick and mortar college campus.

The implications of the study seem to be that online colleges must provide sound resources for their students to enable them to succeed with an online curriculum. Those who are interested in pursuing a college degree online will want to read the entire article here.

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