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There are millions of people around the world who love playing video games, but only a small percentage of those individuals get to make video games their entire career. If you love playing video games, and you would be interested in working towards creating them, then you might be interested in pursuing an online degree in video game art or design. In order to find success in this field, you will have to get the right education, have strong computer skills and have plenty of creativity. Here is everything you need to know about becoming a video game artist or designer.

Degrees in Video Game Art and Design

There are several degrees available in the field of video game design and graphic art, but the three most popular include the associate degree, the bachelor’s degree and the master’s degree. Most students who are serious about a career in this field will want to consider a bachelor’s degree, which takes roughly four years to complete. Although the curriculum for degree programs will vary significantly depending on where you attend, students should expect to take classes such as character modeling, digital storytelling, game project management, color theory and storyboard creation.

Benefits of Pursuing Your Degree Online

Many degrees in video game design are available online, and busy students will find that these online programs are much more flexible, convenient and affordable than their counterparts at brick and mortar college campuses. Rather than worrying about fitting your career around a lengthy commute and set class times, students studying online will be able to stick to their normal work hours and simply fit in online lectures or exams over the Internet whenever they have time. In addition, many online courses are more affordable than at traditional college campuses, which is a huge bonus to students with limited finances.

Career Opportunities After Graduation

There are a number of different career opportunities available to students who graduate with a degree in video game design and art. Some of the most popular options include that of 3D conceptual artist, game programmer, background artist or even game writer. Individuals who excel in one particular area of game design will typically stick with that same focus during their career.

Is Game Art and Design a Good Choice for the Future?

Some aspiring students are concerned that earning a degree in video game design may not be a solid choice for the future. Thankfully, that simply is not the case. The own downside to this kind of career is that there is very little room for crossing over to another art field. However, video games have proven to be a major source of entertainment around the world, and there is almost no chance of the industry failing in any major kind of way. With experience, talent and a degree, video game designers will almost certainly have success in the field. is an online directory of colleges and universities offering a number of options for individuals who are ready to take the next step toward becoming a video game designer.

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