What Careers Can I Pursue with a BS in Communication/Journalism?

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People who enjoy reading and writing, as well as those who believe themselves to be successful communicators, often gravitate toward college degree programs in areas like journalism and communication. Doing so can be a smart choice, but students should have realistic expectations about their career options after graduation. The best option is to take a look at the most popular careers available and then see if they appeal to you. If you find yourself asking the question, “What careers can I pursue with a BS in communication/journalism?” then you will want to get a look at the following employment opportunities.

Speech Writer

For students who excel at writing and communicating a message, becoming a speech writer is a natural career choice. A speech writer is someone who will prepare written comments and even lectures for clients who will then deliver them to audiences around the world. Speech writers often work for political groups, but they may also work for corporate executives, celebrities or anyone else who might require frequent speaking engagements.

College Admissions Counselor

Believe it or not, many college graduates will end up back at their alma mater working in admissions. A college admissions counselor is a great career opportunity for someone who is able to communicate effortlessly with varying groups of people from all walks of life. As a college admissions counselor, you might spend your time interviewing potential students, drafting letters to accepted students, meeting parents at open house events, heading to high school college fairs across the country or contacting past references over the phone and in writing.

Public Relations Officer

Working in public relations, or PR, is a natural fit for students who graduate with a degree in communications. A public relations officer could work for an organization, an individual celebrity or a political party, but their tasks will always involve creating an image to present to the media. You might spend your time drafting press releases for a new product that has been recently released, or you might plan events and organize a top guest list for maximum publicity.


Marketing is an industry that goes hand in hand with advertising, but it is often performed best by those who have a great understanding of effective communication. Marketing is, after all, essentially communicating the idea of a brand of product’s value to a potential audience of buyers and clients. Marketers also come up with the dialogue for commercials, they may write the content for a brand’s blog or they could even help come up with slogans and jingles.


This is one of the most popular careers associated with a journalism degree. Reporters need to gather information from a range of different sources, and they they need to craft an interesting piece that will captivate their readers. Today, a reporter may work for Internet publications equally or even more often than for printed press.

Each of these exciting careers is a logical choice for those with an online degree in communications or journalism.  The place to begin looking for the college or university with the program that fits your needs best is

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