Why Choose the Field of Criminal Justice for Your Online Degree

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Although there are dozens of different college majors that you could pursue, you might be drawn to one in particular. The field of criminal justice is very appealing to many aspiring students, which makes it a popular degree program choice. If some of the careers seem interesting, then an online degree could be the stepping stone that you need to get ahead. If friends or family ask you, “Why choose the field of criminal justice?” you can give them one or more of the following five answers.

1. Variety of Careers Available

One of the great things about earning a degree in criminal justice is that you will have a wide array of career choices available to you after graduation. Whether you plan to pursue an associate degree, a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree, you might be able to secure employment as a private investigator, as a police officer, as a social worker or even as a courthouse administrator. Whatever your career goals or ambitions may be, there is no doubt that an online degree in criminal justice can help you get to them in a hurry.

2. Competitive Salaries

In an unstable economy, some degrees will only be able to secure you a career salary offering marginally more than minimum wage. In the field of criminal justice, most graduates are able to enjoy competitive salaries. Since many students will eventually find government jobs at the state level, county level or even with the federal government in a penitentiary or the government legal system, they may also be able to enjoy significant benefits like insurance and tuition assistance.

3. Challenging Work

For people who don’t relish the idea of a monotonous and boring office career, then criminal justice may stand out as a great choice. There can be no doubt that this kinda of employment will be challenging, but that may be part of the appeal for the right candidate. You will show up to work each day knowing that it will be different from the day before, and many of the tasks will be interesting.

4. Your Work Will Help Others Daily

In order for society to function as it does, we need to have an efficient criminal justice system in place. By beginning a career in this field, you will know that your work contributes to a better life for your friends, family, neighbors and fellow citizens. Social workers and police officers, among others, make the world a better and safer place for millions.

5. It is a Nearly Recession-Proof Industry

There is no doubt that some industries are more recession-proof than others. Whether the economy is doing well or not, towns will need police, jails will need security and the government will need criminal investigators. Choosing this career field means that you can feel secure in almost any kind of economic climate you may face in the future.

Thanks to the convenience of degree programs offered through, it may be easier than you think to begin your own career in the field of criminal justice.

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