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As more and more companies sell their products online and target online shoppers, there is a greater need for them to conduct the majority of their marketing online. If you have always been interested in a marketing career, it might make sense for you to target a career in Internet marketing instead. This can be a solid choice for the future, and learning skills on the computer is always a bonus no matter what your intended career choice.

The first step for this career is earning an online marketing degree that will make you attractive to future employers. Here is what you need to know about online certification in Internet marketing.

What is Internet Marketing?

The goal of marketing is often confused with the goal of advertising, but the reality is that the two things are quite different. Advertising is the act of selling a product, but marketing is the act of earning brand awareness with the public or showing potential customers the value of said product. Internet marketing, then, is using online channels to convince people of a brand or product’s value. Internet marketing can include social media use, creating blog content or even creating pop-up advertisements that will generate buzz and interest for a specific brand.

What Credentials are Available Online?

There is no shortage of online credentials available in the field of Internet marketing, and it is ultimately up to you to decide how much time and money you can spend in the process. If you are interested in learning as much as possible in a short amount of time, then a shorter course like a diploma or a certificate offered by a marketing institute or online college could be a great choice. If you have more time, then an associate or bachelor’s degree in Internet marketing can be a great way to get ahead in the industry.

How Can a Certification in Internet Marketing Help Your Career?

Of all the different ways that you can advance your career, getting some kind of certification is one of the most effective. Not only will you learn a lot, which can help you perform well on the job, but earning credentials will mean that you have something relevant to show potential employers. This could be what gets you in the door for an interview or secures your entry-level position with a marketing firm in the future.

Why Should You Consider Online Credentials?

Many aspiring marketers are unsure about earning credentials or degrees online. Thankfully, online credentials are just as accepted today as their counterparts offered by traditional college campuses. An online curriculum will better fit into your schedule, which is a huge advantage to busy parents or those who already hold full-time jobs in another industry. In addition, an online course can show future employers that you are comfortable using computers for a range of purposes, which is a major concern among hiring managers.

If you want to begin a career in Internet marketing, then earning an online certification is a smart way to get there faster. Discover your options for earning your degree online at

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