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As competition rises in the field of education, an increasing number of aspiring teachers are getting advanced degrees to secure employment in schools. While a bachelor’s degree was once more than enough to get a career as a teacher in a secondary school, hiring managers now look for candidates that have a minimum of a masters in education/secondary teacher education. With a busy schedule or family obligations, you might struggle to fit a full master’s program into your life. Today, online degree programs allow teachers to advance their degrees with convenience and flexibility.

What is the Master of Education Degree?

A master’s degree in education is an advanced degree that requires students to first complete a bachelor’s degree in a related subject. Once students are admitted into the degree program, they will learn how to teach students in the classroom. Degree programs that are specifically focused on secondary education will place an emphasis on teaching students in middle school and high school. The master’s degree in education typically takes students one to two years to complete, and it is often required in order to seek permanent employment in a public or private school.

What Subjects Can I Expect to Study?

When you enroll in an online master’s degree program in the study of secondary education, you can expect to study a variety of subjects pertaining to the education of students between the ages of 11 and 18. While it is important to note that the college curriculum and syllabus can change significantly between schools, most students will at least touch on subjects like education research techniques, classroom technology, classroom diversity, managing the classroom and preparing students for college and beyond.

What Careers are Available to Graduates?

After graduating with a master’s degree in secondary teacher education, there are a number of different positions that you might be eligible for. As you might expect, most graduates go on to work directly in the classroom of a public or private school. However, that is not the only option available. Other career opportunities include that of curriculum developer, school administrator, school board officer or private tutor.

Why Study for Your Master’s Degree Online?

There is no question that in the past decade, the number of students choosing to study for their degrees online has risen significantly. The reason for the increased popularity has a lot to do with the modern reliance on technology, but online degrees are also more convenient, flexible and affordable. If you have a busy schedule, a full-time job or a family to care for, having the option to study online can be a huge bonus. If you are concerned about spending lots of time commuting to a college campus, an online degree could be the answer.

If you want to advance your career options in the field of education, an online master’s degree might be exactly what you need to get ahead. Explore your options for earning your master’s online at

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