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For most people, speaking the native English language is a given. Many people in the United States are born and raised to speak English fluently, and it is tough to comprehend just how difficult life can be if you aren’t a native speaker. If you want to help others to master the English language, the best way to do so is with the Master of Education/English as a Second Language ESL. This degree is the key to securing a career as an English language teacher, and it can be earned online as well as in a traditional college campus. Discover how you can earn this degree, what it takes to be accepted into the program, what you might expect to study, what careers are available for graduates and the benefits of studying online.

Understanding the Master of Education/English as a Second Language ESL

This degree program is typically 36 credits in duration, and students have the option of studying for the degree full-time or part-time. The objective of the program is to help students understand the theories involved with learning a new language, and those enrolled in the program will also have to demonstrate their mastery of spoken and written English. Learn  how you can enroll in a Master of Education/English as a Second Language degree program.

Prerequisites for Degree Program Enrollment

Since this degree is a master’s degree, students who are interested in enrollment will first have to meet a number of standard requirements. Applicants should have a background knowledge in linguistics, English language, literature or a foreign tongue. In addition, students need to have suitable GRE scores and a bachelor’s degree with a 3.0 grade point average out of a 4.0 scale. Students who want to study this degree online should also have a computer, access to the Internet, a printer and speakers.

Typical Subjects and Curriculum

During the course of earning your master’s degree in English as a second language, you can expect to cover a variety of subjects. Some of the most commonly studied include linguistics, study techniques, understanding diversity in the classroom, working with adults and children, increasing literacy and classroom management.

Careers in ESL Teaching

One of the great things about earning your master’s degree in ESL is that you will have a number of career opportunities available to you after graduation. You might work in a public elementary school, in a private high school, on a college campus or in a private language center. As English is one of the most important languages on the planet, you may even choose to work overseas in a new destination.

Benefits of Studying Online

Although you can choose to earn your degree at a traditional college or via the Internet, there are many benefits to studying online. Online degrees can be completed according to your own schedule, which makes them much more convenient and flexible for busy students. It may surprise you to learn that online degrees can also be more affordable. If you want to help others to master the English language, consider earning your online master’s in English as a second language.

No matter what type of degree you’re interested in earning to further your career, you’ll likely find that program of study at where you can easily navigate through the available programs to find the one best suited to your goals.

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