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In today’s modern society, most people use the Internet several times each day. Most of us, in fact, might access the web hundreds of times over the course of a single day. The Internet is responsible for our communication with friends and family, our work emails with clients and our entertainment.

Today, you can even complete degree programs online. If you are interested in a career that is based on web administration, then an associate degree in information technology could be the key, and it can be earned entirely over the Internet. Here is some helpful information explaining more about this degree program, what the typical curriculum looks like, what the applicant requirements are, what kind of careers you can expect to enjoy after graduation and how an online degree could be perfect for you.

Understanding the Associate in Information Technology/Web Administration

Like most associate degrees in information technology, the web administration degree takes two years to complete and consists of roughly 60 credits. This is the first degree in the field, and it can stand alone or serve as a starting-off point for the four-year bachelor’s degree in the same subject. The goal of this degree program is to prepare students for careers in database and website administration.

Necessary Prerequisites for Enrollment in This Degree Program

Before you can enroll in an online or traditional college campus degree program in web administration, you will need to have a high school diploma or a general education degree equivalent. Beyond that, each college will have their own requirements that applicants need to meet. While these vary, you should typically have a suitable SAT or ACT score, have a reference from high school or a previous employer and be able to explain why you are interested in pursuing web administration as your major.

Typical Curriculum for Web Administration Degrees

The base of your curriculum will be 20 different classes, each worth approximately three credits. The majority of these courses will be directly related to web administration, but there will typically also be some that are in general education subjects. The courses directly related to web administration might include digital media, website design, programming or database supervision.

Career Options for Graduates

With an associate degree in information technology and web administration, you will be prepared to tackle a number of entry-level careers within the field. A few of the most popular for graduates includes IT supervisor, website administrator and computer expert. You might work for an information technology firm, or you could work in the IT department of a large retail or financial corporation.

Choosing to earn your degree online is especially pertinent when you are studying a subject like web administration, because it can show your future employers how confident you are with computing. However, there are other advantages as well. Earning your degree online can give you flexibility and convenience, which means that you can fit studying, recorded or live lectures and final exams into even the busiest of schedules.

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