Start a Career as a Medical Assistant With an Associate of Applied Science Degree

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With so many people feeling insecure about their employment due to a struggling economy, maybe it’s time to switch to a different type of career. The field of medicine is one of the few areas where demand continues to rise, which is due in large part to climbing obesity rates and an aging population. To become a physician, you might have to study for 10 years or longer, and many people simply don’t have the time or resources to make that a reality. Thankfully, there are other careers in medicine that are more attainable. To become a medical assistant, for example, you will need just an associate degree. Keep reading to learn how an associate degree in medical assisting can help you find a career, what the prerequisites for degree enrollment are what you can expect to study.

Learn More About the Associate of Applied Science – Medical Assistant

This degree, like most associate degrees, will take students an average of two years to complete. Most degree programs will consist of 60 credits, and online students will have the opportunity to complete those credits at their own pace. The objective of the program is to prepare graduates for careers in the medical field, and most students will go on to work as medical assistants in nursing homes, hospitals and private practices.

Take a Look at a Sample Medical Assisting Degree Curriculum

Of the standard 60 credits that make up the associate degree in medical assisting, roughly 20 of them will be in general education fields of study. These courses may not be related to medicine, but they improve your math and communication skills. The majority of your degree program will consist of medical terminology, medical coding, healthcare ethics and patient care.

Requirements for Enrollment

Before you can begin taking classes in a medical assistant degree program, you will need to meet the school prerequisites for enrollment. Most colleges will ask that their applicants have a high school diploma or a general education degree, and it is also helpful if you have either an SAT or ACT score to submit. You should expect to write an admission essay, submit your personal education records and find at least one education or professional reference.

Discover Career Opportunities for Graduates

As you might expect, most graduates in this field will go on to work as medical assistants in a number of different medical locations. However, this is not the only option available. Some graduates may decide to venture into other areas of medicine, and some students will find careers in medical administration.

Understand the Benefits of Online Study

If a degree in medical assisting interests you, then you might want to consider an online program. Studying online can free up your schedule thanks to the option to listen to lectures online and even take exams at your convenience over the Internet.

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