7 Reasons to Earn Your Associate Degree in Network Support Online

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If you have a strong desire to find a job in the technology sector, but you want to begin working as quickly as possible, then earning an A.A. in Information Technology/Network Support might be the perfect solution. Earning an associate degree takes just two years on average to complete, and they prepare graduates for a range of careers. While you can pursue associate degrees through traditional college campuses, an increasing number of modern students are turning to online degree programs. Explore these seven reasons to earn your associate degree in network support online.

1. Affordable Tuition

One of the most common reasons to earn your network support degree online instead of through a traditional college campus is because of the cost. Students who study online are eligible for most of the same grants and scholarships, but they can also enjoy lower tuition rates overall. In addition, online students don’t need to pay for expensive student meal plans or boarding.

2. Shorter or Non-Existent Commutes

If you live in a rural area, you might not be able to find a college campus nearby. Or, you might be forced to deal with long commutes each day. By studying online, you can skip these commutes altogether.

3. The Ability to Study From Anywhere

Nothing could be more convenient than being able to study from any location around the world. Whether you work best from home or you want to find your local cafe and take an online exam there, all you need to complete your online degree is a computer and regular Internet access from any location.

4. Online Networking Opportunities

Some students are concerned that studying online will limit their interactions with other key players in their field, fellow students and teaching staff. However, that is a misguided concern. The reality is that online degree programs are set up to help students chat with one another through message boards, and some programs even have in-person meetings on occasion. You can also email teaching staff any time and expect a quick response.

5. Prepare for New Careers

Ultimately, the reason to pursue a career like the A.A. in Information Technology/Network Support is to secure employment. Studying this degree program online can prepare you for a number of careers including that of system administrator, help desk consultant or network support technician in an IT department.

6. Identical Curriculum to Campus Degree Programs

As more and more colleges offer online degree programs, the curricula at both are beginning to look more and more alike. You can expect to study technology management, operating principles and wireless networks no matter where you study network support.

7. Increasing Acceptance Among Employers

Over 20 years ago, companies were less than eager to hire graduates with online degrees. Today, however, they are widely accepted. This is especially true in information technology fields. If you are ready to get a job in network support, an online associate degree is the perfect first step. is the place to begin your search for the right college or university offering the degree program that fits your needs best.

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