A Bachelor’s Degree in History Can Lead to Surprising Career Options

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For decades, a bachelor’s degree in history has been a widely respected and popular choice for undergraduate students in American colleges. In recent years, some students have decided against this degree program simply because they weren’t sure what careers were available to them after graduation. If you opt to attend a traditional college campus, or if you pursue your BA in History online, you will have a variety of career opportunities to consider after graduation.

Political Analyst

Political analysts are those individuals who are hired by the government, by financial firms and by retail stores to have a better idea of approaching political events. For instance, a health insurance company might want a political analyst to understand the changes in healthcare that the government is debating or implementing. A history major is, essentially, someone who has studied the history of politics over time, and they can be the perfect person for this position. You might want to consider a career as a political analyst if you are drawn to international relations as well as history.

History Teacher

The most obvious and perhaps most common career route for history majors is that of education. History teachers can work at the high school level, but they may also want to pursue a master’s degree and teach in higher education at colleges across the globe. In a similar vein, some history majors decide to actually write history textbooks to use in classrooms, or they work for the school board in order to develop curriculum that gets applied to the entire state.

Communications or Marketing Manager

Many students think that they need to study communications or marketing as their major in order to secure a career in this field, but that could not be further from the truth. The major requirements for someone working in these related fields are excellent communication skills, great reading analysis and the ability to research. All three of these skills are gained when studying for your history degree, which means that you may be the perfect fit for a career in either communications or marketing.

Film or Television Fact-Checker/Consultant

This is one of the most glamorous jobs associate with the bachelor’s degree in history, and it is a very competitive field to be in. Every historical drama or film that takes place in the past needs to be historically accurate, which means that producers hire history majors to ensure accuracy. This can be very exciting, but it is certainly challenging.


Another great career choice for history degree holders is that of journalist. While studying history, you will greatly refine your research and writing skills, which will come in handy if you secure a job as a reporter or blogger. Many history majors also become authors, and they may write fiction or non-fiction books depending on their interests. History majors who complete their online degrees will have a whole range of career options to choose from.

Thanks to convenience and flexibility,  earning a bachelor’s degree online can be a great option for busy adults.


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