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If you have always been interested in computers, learning how electronics work or fixing things, then you might be the perfect fit for a career in electronic or computer technology. As electronics become a bigger and bigger part of society, the need for talented and trained individuals in this field will likely also grow. In order to find a career in technology, you will almost certainly need to have a degree of some kind. Even if you have a busy schedule, family to care for or an existing job, you can complete your degree online. Use this guide to learn more about the degree itself, understand what the prerequisites are for enrollment, learn about future careers and discover how an online degree can be the best choice for busy adults.

What You Need to Know About the Associate – Electronics & Computer Technology

The associate degree is offered by many colleges around the world, and it is often viewed as the precursor to the bachelor’s degree. However, this 60-credit degree that takes roughly two years to complete can also stand alone and help graduates to find entry-level careers in the field of technology. The objective of the degree program is to help students thoroughly understand the subject and get hands-on experience with electronics and computers.

Application Prerequisites

If this degree program interests you and enrollment is on your mind, you will first need to meet a few prerequisites that all colleges have for their students. As an associate degree, the  requirements are not as demanding as that of a bachelor’s degree, but all applicants should still have a high school diploma or the equivalent of a general education degree. Applicants will typically need to submit past references, grades, transcripts and an admission essay in order to be considered for enrollment in any particular program. SAT or ACT scores are helpful, but they are not always required.

Popular Careers in Computer and Electronic Technology

After graduating with your associate degree in technology, you can choose from a wide array of career paths. Many graduates work directly with electronics or computer hardware companies in order to design, manufacture and test products before they hit the market. Other graduates may work as engineering technicians or even as computer support specialists. Whether you want to pursue a hands-on career, a research role or a position in a large corporation in the IT department, you can have your pick thanks to this versatile degree.

Reasons to Consider Earning Your Degree Online

The main reasons that students decide to pursue their degrees online are flexibility, convenience, affordability and comfort. If you don’t love the idea of commuting daily to a college campus or putting your life on hold just to attend classes, you will appreciate the simplicity of logging on at any time to watch lectures from your computer and take exams on your own time.

If you are serious about a career in technology, then an online degree can be the simplest way to get on the fast track towards success.

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