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While some people just love watching movies, there are thousands of talented individuals who prefer to work behind the scenes and be a part of the film industry. Whether you have a passion for writing scripts or you love the act of being behind the camera, you may have wondered about what it would take to turn a hobby into a full-fledged career. While there are no guarantees in the entertainment industry, one of the keys to success is undoubtedly a formal education. Consider earning a video production associate degree in order to begin a new and exciting career in film. Find out more about the program.

Qualifying for a Video Production AAA Degree

Even if you have never gotten serious about film production in the past, you may still be the perfect candidate for a degree program. Most colleges don’t expect their applicants to have significant experience, but if you can submit a portfolio of your previous work or project collaborations, that can go a long way in securing your spot. The things that admissions staff will definitely look for include a high school diploma, a transcript that shows a grade point average of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale and references from previous teachers or employers.

What a Sample Curriculum Might Look Like

An associate degree in video production will consist of 60 credits, and they are usually split up into 20 courses that are each worth three credits. Most students take two years to complete the degree, and they take anywhere from four to six classes each semester. Some of the courses that you can expect to take during this degree program include an introduction to videography, post-production techniques, lighting, audio systems and screenwriting. If you have a particular interest in one area of film, such as screenplays or costume design, you can opt to focus on that area through a handful of elective courses.

Careers in Video Production

After graduating with an associate degree in video production, there are a number of entry-level careers that you might be interested in pursuing. Of course, the best career will be the one that you are most passionate about. Graduates who hold this degree commonly become camera operators, post-production film editors, live sportscast editors, production assistants and screenwriters. While this industry is certainly quite competitive, motivation and formal education in the form of an associate degree can go a long way in helping to secure you the position of your dreams.

Advantage of Online Study

Many people argue that video production courses are best done in person, but the reality is that online programs can be just as beneficial. By watching lectures live, you will feel as if you are a part of the classroom experience. You can use message boards to chat with other students as well as teaching staff to feel included, but you can enjoy the convenience of studying from the comfort of home.

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