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There are many people who want to start a new career in the business world, but they just aren’t sure how to get started. Business careers are so desirable for individuals because they typically come with lucrative salaries, the hours are relatively stable and the field is generally very well-respected. You might be surprised to learn that employment in this field is not out of your reach. With just a two-year degree like the AA: Business Administration, you will be eligible for exciting and challenging new careers. Discover what the prerequisites for enrollment in this degree program are, what you can expect to study during the program, how an online degree might be perfect for you and what kind of careers are available for graduates with this degree.

Understanding the Prerequisites for Enrollment

Like most associate degree programs, the AA in business administration will require all applicants to have a minimum of a high school diploma or a general education degree. When you apply to the college of your choice, you will probably be expected to submit your high school transcripts, an admission essay detailing why this particular major interests you and a desire to study business. Some colleges may also expect their applicants to submit SAT or ACT scores as well as having a minimum grade point average from their high school education. Find out more about Business Administration Degrees Online.

Courses and Subjects You Can Expect to Study

The two-year associate degree in business administration is made up of roughly 20 courses, and a few of them will be in general education subjects that help you round out your experience and knowledge. The majority of the courses, however, will pertain specifically to business administration. Some of the most common courses and classes to find on your syllabus include economics, human resources, communication skills, principles of management, accounting, marketing and business ethics.

Advantages of Earning Your Business Administration Degree Online

If you are serious about earning your associate degree in business administration, attending college campus classes is not your only option. Online degree programs are becoming more and more popular among students, and they can be incredibly beneficial. Instead of worrying about commuting or the cost of parking, you can log onto your computer from any location in the world and begin streaming lectures, studying or taking exams. You might even be surprised to learn that online degree programs can sometimes be cheaper than their traditional campus counterparts, and you will be able to keep your job as you further your education. There are online degrees available in all major fields of study.

Careers Available for Graduates

With a degree in hand, graduates in this field should be able to secure a number of interesting and well-paid positions in the business world. Some of the most common career titles for graduates include that of insurance processing clerk, executive assistant, bank branch manager or auditing clerk.

Beginning a career in the world of business administration is a worthy goal, and the first step towards achieving it is getting the right education. Accredited online colleges can be exactly what you need in order to get ahead.

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