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There can be no denying the fact that energy is a hot-button topic in today’s world. People are always interested in new ways to create energy, and there is a lot of research going on to discover how we can make appliances more energy-efficient. One of the most interesting areas of research is in the field of renewable energy systems.

There is the potential to harness the energy from the sun, the wind and even the ocean to generate power that homes and factories can use, and there is great demand for people who can help develop these plans. Use this guide to learn more about the associate degree in renewable energy systems, what the requirements are for enrollment in the program, what employment opportunities are available for graduates and why an online education could be ideal.

Understanding the Associate in Science in Renewable Energy Systems

The associate degree in renewable energy systems takes roughly two years to complete, and it is made up of over 60 credits in 20 different classes. The objective of the degree program is to prepare students to develop, maintain, build and troubleshoot all of the key types of renewable energy systems. Parts of the program are theoretical and designed to help students brainstorm ways to create new forms of energy, but much of the program is practical and will prepare students for careers right after graduation.

Prerequisites for Enrollment in This Degree Program

Before you can enroll into a program like the associate degree in renewable energy systems, you will need to meet a few standard prerequisites. Every college will have their own requirements for applicants, but you should expect to submit a high school diploma, SAT or ACT scores, references from previous teachers or employers and a personal admission essay. If you can’t meet any of these requirements, most colleges have alternative options such as entry-level testing or submitting a general education degree instead of a high school diploma.

Employment Opportunities in the Field of Renewable Energy Systems

There are few fields out there that have the same potential as that of renewable energy. As the world’s dependence on oil grows, but our resources dwindle, there is a clear need to uncover alternative energy sources for fuel and electricity. Graduates in this field may go on to become wind turbine installers, solar cell technicians, renewable energy sales representatives or alternative energy developers.

Top Reasons For Choosing an Online Degree

Once you have made up your mind about a degree in renewable energy systems, you will have to decide between an online degree and its counterpart from a traditional college campus. By choosing an online degree program, you can spend less time traveling to campus, you will have the freedom to fit classes around your schedule and you can even take exams from any location with an Internet connection.

Careers in renewable energy will only increase as oil prices continue to rise, and earning an associate degree online can help you take advantage of the new careers in this field.

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