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If you immediately think of a bustling hospital when you think of a career in health, then you are not alone. Despite the variety of careers in health and medicine today, many people still revert back to the idea of doctors and nurses making up the entire industry. While these are admirable careers, they are not the only options. If you want to help others to enjoy life and be healthier, then you might be interested in some of the alternative careers in this field.

To be considered for employment in this area, you will typically need to earn your Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness first. Fortunately, this four-year degree program can be completed online through a variety of accredited online colleges. Here are some of the top careers worth considering within the field of health and wellness.

Personal Trainer/Group Fitness Instructor

Part of the degree program in health and wellness is physical fitness, and you will undoubtedly learn a lot about the human body and how to keep it in shape. After graduation, one of the most rewarding and challenging careers is that of personal trainer. Personal trainers can work in large gyms, fitness centers, health spas and even in the homes of their private clients, and the pay can be impressive if you enjoy the work.


Although it takes years of additional study to become a registered dietitian, a nutritionist is someone who does almost the same thing and helps clients to make healthy food choices. In some cases, your clients may need advice on weight loss or reducing the sodium in their diet. In other cases, clients may have dietary restrictions, and you will have to get creative in coming up with gluten-free or nut-free meals that are still tasty and affordable.

Personal Wellness Coach

If you combined the first two careers into one package, you would end up with the personal wellness coach. This career can be demanding, and your clients will rely heavily on you. However, it can be intensely fulfilling to watch people transform their health and their well-being right in front of you thanks to your help and guidance.

Corporate Wellness Trainers

Large corporations are beginning to realize that one of the simplest ways to cut their costs is to have healthy employees. With that in mind, many businesses are hiring corporate wellness trainers to encourage healthy habits in the workplace and even organize group exercise on a daily basis. If you love working with others, this could be the perfect career choice for you.

Insurance Health Consultants

Insurance providers, just like other businesses, know that customers who exercise and eat well are more likely to stay healthy. They hire consultants to put together wellness plans for customers in order to pay fewer premiums and keep their clients in good health.

If any of these careers stand out as something you might be interested in, consider earning your bachelor’s degree in health and wellness through an accredited online college.

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