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Although finding a career in the retail industry is not always challenging, it can be tough to get ahead and secure a management or administration position. If you are currently working in a clothing store, you sell electronics or you just want to move from an hourly wage to a salary, then you might need to bring your education up to speed. Employers look at your education history as well as your experience, and having earned an Associate of Science Degree in Retail Administration can be your ticket to a better career. Use this guide to learn more about the degree program, what the requirements are for enrollment, what careers are available after you graduate and who could benefit from earning this degree online.

Understanding the Associate Retail Administration Degree

The objective of this two-year degree program is to prepare students for careers in management, buying and administration for retail businesses. There are an average of 60 credits that you will need to earn, and the majority of them will come from classes like business communication, inventory, operations management, human relations and accounting. In order to make your way up the corporate ladder in retail, this degree will get you off the sales floor and onto the first rung.

Requirements for Enrollment

Every school is a little different in terms of what they expect from applicants. However, every college will expect applicants to have a high school diploma with a reasonable grade point average. Some colleges will also want potential students to have SAT or ACT scores to submit. Don’t be surprised if you are asked for a character reference, copies of your transcripts from high school or even a written admission essay based on a single question.

Potential Careers Available to Graduates

The primary reason that most people consider getting an associate degree is because it can significantly increase your chance of securing a desirable career. Most graduates from this degree program will go on to work in retail, and some of the most common positions include that of store department manager, shift supervisor, chain retail buyer or human resources manager. As you enter the managerial division of your company, you can continue to advance and earn a greater income as you do so.

Are You the Right Fit for an Online Degree?

Many students are wary of earning an online degree, but there is little reason to be concerned. Decades ago, employers were hesitant to hire employees with online degrees, but today they are readily accepted. Students who opt to study online can do so from the comfort of home, and they can fit their studies and their exams into busy schedules. If you are a parent, or if you hold another job as you earn your degree, then an online study option really is the best choice for your demanding schedule and busy life.

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