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Think back over the last 48 hours and try to remember all the different ways that you used the Internet. You might have checked your bank account balance online, shopped at an Internet retailer and given your credit card information or even applied for a job and submitted your Social Security number. The modern world requires individuals to use the Internet on a regular basis, and it can result in a lot of time-saving. Unfortunately, however, there is also the potential for crime. People abuse the Internet by stealing information to rob banks, take over identities or even commit terrorist acts. In order to protect society and the Internet, we need people who hold certifications like the Bachelor Degree in Cyber Security Technology. Discover what this degree looks like, who is the right fit for it, what careers are available after graduation and why studying online could be the answer for you.

Details About the Bachelor’s in Cyber Security Technology

This degree, like the vast majority of bachelor’s degrees, will take students roughly four years to complete. During that time, they will have the opportunity to learn about preventing cyber crime, keeping certain areas of the Internet protected and bringing cyber criminals to justice. This is achieved through classes like information security principles, network security protocols, database administration, human and computer interaction, operating systems and computer architecture.

Are You the Right Fit for this Degree Program?

It is important to note that not everyone is the right fit for a degree in cyber security. In order to succeed in this field, you should be able to work long hours when necessary, be detail-oriented, have excellent observation skills and enjoy spending time on the computer. Although popular television shows might glamorize cyber security, the reality is that the work is challenging and the setting can be monotonous. However, many people are satisfied because they know that their work keeps other safe and secure.

Careers Available to Graduates

The number of careers available to graduates in the information technology field is only projected to grow as society becomes more reliant on the Internet. Some of the many careers that graduates can consider include that of software engineer, network administrator and information security analyst. Many individuals in this field work for security software companies, but others work to protect the information stored electronically by banks, hospitals, credit card companies, political organizations and government agencies.

Advantages of Studying Online

Once you have decided to pursue a degree in cyber security, you will need to determine if a traditional campus degree or an online study program is the best choice for you. Online students enjoy lots of advantages like flexibility, lower tuition costs and convenience, which is why the number of online students continues to grow. If you want to hold a full or part-time job as you pursue your degree, it makes sense to opt for online study.

Make a difference in the world with an degree in cyber security from one of the many accredited online colleges.

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