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There are plenty of different reasons that individuals pursue careers. For some people, their career was a natural choice because they were passionate about the subject. For others, it was chance that put them in their current position. If your primary goal for finding a job is to earn a greater salary, then you might want to pursue careers in the financial or business sector. In order to seriously be considered for a salaried position in this industry, you will almost certainly be required to hold a bachelor’s degree of some kind. The BS in Business and Accounting is a great choice, and it can be earned easily online. Here is a basic guide to this degree, what you can expect to study, what careers are open to graduates, what requirements are needed for enrollment and how you can pursue the degree over the Internet.

Basic Information About the BS in Business in Accounting

Like many bachelor’s degrees, this degree consists of roughly 120 credits, and it takes students an average of four years to complete. It can be earned online or through traditional college campuses, and the focus is to prepare students for careers in accounting, business and finance. Some of the typical courses found in this degree’s curriculum include business accounting, financial marketing, income taxation and budgeting.

Careers Available to Graduates

With a bachelor’s degree in your possession, you will have dozens of careers open to you. Many graduates become in-house accountants for large corporations and retailers, and they act as bookkeepers to balance finances. Others work as auditors for the IRS, which involves checking federal and state tax returns for accuracy. Many graduates also go on to earn their master’s degree in accounting in order to become CPAs, or Certified Public Accountants.

Requirements Needed for Enrollment

Most high school graduates will be eligible to enroll in a bachelor’s degree program in business and accounting. However, many schools have specific requirements that applicants need to meet in order to qualify for enrollment. These prerequisites include things like being over the age of 18, submitting high school transcripts, having minimum SAT or ACT scores and writing admission essays. It is also common for colleges to ask students to submit references about their character, their education or their work habits. These references may come from family friends, previous educators or even your current employer.

Pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree Online

If you are one of the many aspiring students who thinks that they don’t have time to pursue higher education, then think again. Even the busiest students can fit a bachelor’s degree program into their life thanks to online education. Students can watch lectures online live, or they can watch them later on at their convenience. Study online, discuss lectures with your classmates online and even take exams online whenever they fit into your personal schedule.

A bachelor’s degree in business and accounting can go a long way in securing the career of your dreams. Head online today to find a suitable program in this subject.

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