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In order for any charitable organization, political group or business to be successful, they have to keep an eye on their finances. While this might sound simple, it can get tricky as the company increases in size. Taking care of the finances could include determining which employees get bonuses and for what amount, which vendors to hire based on purchasing prices, outgoing payments, increases in stock prices and so much more. While it might seem like an intimidating career, there are many positives. Bookkeepers get to enjoy lucrative salaries in many cases, and if you enjoy working with numbers then it can be a pleasant career choice. Here are some of the things that it takes in order to find a job as a bookkeeper.

Formal Education or Training in the Field

Ultimately, the key to becoming a bookkeeper is having the right educational background. Although getting an associate or a bachelor’s degree in accounting or bookkeeping is one option, it is not the only way available to students. Earning a diploma in bookkeeping can be the fastest way to get the training you need for a new career in the field. Since these diplomas are available online as well as through colleges and vocational training programs, even the busiest students can enroll and complete the curriculum in their spare time from any convenient location.

Computing Skills

In today’s world, many aspects of business are handled online and through computers. Aside from basic computing skills in areas such as online research, database entry and sending emails, bookkeepers should be able to create and full out spreadsheets using programs like Excel. This helps you to make ledgers and track expenses in many different areas from a single computer.

Excellent Communication Skills

A common belief among the general public is that bookkeepers are isolated throughout the workday and don’t need to have strong social skills. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Although many bookkeepers work alone in their offices for much of the day, they have to be able to communicate with clients about their finances, and this takes strong communication skills.

Math Ability

A key component to accounting and bookkeeping is being skilled at math. Although most bookkeepers rely almost exclusively on computer software or high-tech calculators in order to solve equations, having skills in math makes your job much easier to do each day. If you struggle with even basic math, then working as a bookkeeper may not be the best career choice for you.

Detail-Oriented Personality

Bookkeepers have to be able to juggle several different tasks at once. Balancing the books is an ongoing task, and it fluctuates depending on outgoing expenses, incoming profits, maintenance repairs and salaries. To handle this position, you have to be able to focus on many details at once and not get overwhelmed or distracted.

If you are detail-oriented, great at math, you have computing skills and you communicate well with others, then getting a diploma in bookkeeping might be the perfect career choice.

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