An Online IT Degree Can Help You Begin an IT Career in Under Two Years

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If you have ever thought about pursuing a career in information technology, or IT, you may have been discouraged by the time it takes to pursue a full bachelor’s degree at a traditional college campus. Believe it or not, however, this kind of degree is not necessary. Many employers are excited to hire graduates with a two-year associate degree, and these degrees can be earned online as well as through traditional college campuses. An AAS in Information Technology – Application Development could be exactly what you need to begin your IT career in less than two years, and you never even have to step foot in a single classroom.

What is the AAS in Information Technology – Application Development?

This two-year degree is the perfect way to begin an entry-level career in the field of information technology. The course objective is to prepare students for a number of different IT positions, but the focus of most classes is on developing applications for websites, mobile websites and tablet pages. The course consists of roughly 60 credits, and students typically complete 15 credits per semester to finish in the full two years. Learn more about Associate Degrees in IT.

What Courses are Typical For This Degree Program?

Every college that offers this associate degree will have a slightly different curriculum that is based on their teaching staff and resources. However, most degree programs will include classes that revolve around application development, programming, Java, C#, webpage development and database management. Some degree programs will also require students to complete a handful of general education courses in subjects like literature, a foreign language or history.

What Careers Do Most Graduates Pursue?

Graduates will have enough of a background knowledge in IT to dive into any entry-level career in the information technology field. However, some of the most common job titles for graduates include that of web developer, software architect and IT troubleshooter. Many in this field will work directly for companies who are developing new applications, and still more will work with customers who have questions about how the applications work.

What Do I Need Before I Can Enroll in This Program?

Getting accepted into an associate degree program is not typically a challenge for anyone who has a high school diploma or the equivalent of a general education degree. However, you will need to submit several important documents before you can enroll. These documents include a written admission essay, an application form, your SAT or ACT results and a copy of your high school transcript.

Why Should I Consider an Online Degree?

Since much of this degree revolves around computing, it is not a big leap to complete the bulk of it from your laptop right at home. Instead of commuting to class, you can stream lectures live in your living room or write essays in your office. Even the busiest students can find time to complete an online degree.

If you enjoy working on computers and you are ready to begin a serious IT career, then consider a degree from an accredited online college.

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