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If you are the kind of person who makes extensive lists for shopping trips and spends hours planning ahead for the best deals, then you may have a career ahead of you that you didn’t even know about. Procurement is a task that involves finding the most appropriate and cost-effective items that are needed by a company, and almost every business needs someone with the education to procure things for them. This could mean sourcing the cheapest potatoes for a fast-food restaurant chain, or it could mean finding the best employees who can negotiate their salaries to a reasonable level. The online BS in Business Administration – Procurement is your key to preparing for purchasing and procurement careers in dozens of different industries.

Understanding the BS in Business Administration – Procurement

Like nearly all bachelor’s degrees, this degree program consists of roughly 120 credits and will take most students four years to complete. The objective of the degree program in procurement is to prepare students for careers as department buyers or purchasing clerks, and the courses will help explain the buying process as well as the supply chain for manufacturing. Over the four years, students will learn about negotiating contracts and prices, budgeting, nurturing relationships with vendors, logistics, cost analysis and strategic purchasing.

Career Opportunities for Degree Holders

With a bachelor’s degree in business administration and procurement, graduates can find work in nearly any industry. However, most students will gravitate towards careers in manufacturing, which is where buying at the right price is especially important for the company’s bottom line. Some of the most common titles for graduates include that of procurement clerk, purchasing manager and retail buyers. You could be buying microchips for a large computing company, or you could be buying rubber from Asia in order to make tennis shoes.

What it Takes to Succeed in This Field

In almost every company, the profit margin is minimal per product, and the price of the raw materials sets the tone for how much will be made for sale. Therefore, there can be a lot of stress involved when you work in procurement. This career is not for someone who is shy or afraid to speak their mind. In order to succeed in the field of procurement, you should be confident, have excellent communication abilities, be good at math and have the ability to decide between several options at a moment’s notice.

Reasons to Earn Your BS Degree Online

Even if you are already convinced that a degree in procurement is the best choice for your future, you might not be so sure that an online degree is suitable. However, earning your degree over the Internet will be flexible, convenient and possibly even more affordable than a traditional campus degree. You can do all the work from any location that has access to the Internet, and you can finish the coursework according to your own schedule.

If you enjoy comparing prices, bargaining and shopping, then an online degree in procurement could help you find a fulfilling career in business.

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