6 Reasons to Earn an Online Master’s Degree in Education

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Whether you currently work as a teacher in a school or you are simply thinking about entering the field of education, you might be considering a master’s degree. A master’s degree in education is a valuable certification, and it can help your career in many ways. Despite this fact, many current teachers don’t want to spend their time outside of the classroom attending additional lectures and seminars. That’s certainly understandable, and that also explains the rising numbers of graduate students in education who pursue their master’s degrees online. Here are six great reasons to earn an online Masters in Education.

1. To Become an Even Better Teacher

Ultimately, the biggest reason to pursue your master’s degree in education is to become a better teacher. This is why many states require teachers to earn their graduate degrees before becoming permanent hires, and it is why so many passionate and driven teachers enroll in master’s degree programs. By taking additional classes beyond the undergraduate level of a bachelor’s degree, you will learn new classroom theories, be more effective in the classroom and be able to help more of your students.

2. Helps You Earn a Higher Salary

In most states, you don’t need a master’s degree in education in order to get hired. However, those with only a bachelor’s degree will start on the very bottom of the pay scale, and it may be hard to move up without additional qualifications. With a master’s degree, it can be more likely that you earn a higher salary.

3. Can Improve Your Chances of Promotion

Whether you are competing to become a head teacher or a department chair, having a master’s degree can get you where you want to be. Experience is important when selecting between candidates, but education is also vital and will be considered.

4. Allows You to Study Primarily Over School Holidays

Many teachers find that they are simply too busy during the school year, and they can’t imagine adding evening classes to their schedule. Fortunately, online courses give you greater flexibility in this respect. Many teachers do just the bare minimum of studying during the school year, but they focus during the winter and summer school holidays to get their coursework completed and to take exams.

5. Lets You Pursue New Careers in Education

Not everyone who works in the field of education is a classroom teacher. In fact, some of the best-paid and most desirable positions include that of school administrator, school board director, curriculum developer, teacher trainer and textbook writer. In order to secure one of these positions, a master’s degree is almost always necessary. With a master’s degree in education, you can also pursue teaching at college level, which typically brings with it fewer classroom hours and a higher salary.

6. Is Easier and More Affordable Than You Might Think

Although teachers are no strangers to the world of education, many incorrectly believe that earning a degree online is a hassle. Thankfully, that could not be further from the truth. Studying online requires nothing more than a computer and regular Internet access. Plus, you can study from any location and at any time. This is incredibly convenient, and it lets even the busiest of teacher find room in their schedules for additional education. Since you don’t need to commute to campus, pay for gas or deal with public transport, online degrees are also much more affordable than their traditional campus counterparts.

With so many reasons to pursue an online master’s degree in education, you might be ready to enroll today. Visit the website of an to find the degree program that is best for you.

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