Choosing Between the Associate and Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration-Marketing

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Marketing and advertising are two areas of business that often get confused, but they are distinct divisions in most corporations. While advertising focuses on selling particular products to a target demographic, the objective of marketing is to understand consumer behavior, anticipate their choices, price products effectively and identify the needs of consumers. If marketing sounds like an interesting career choice that you would like to pursue, then it is time to get serious about your education. Without a degree of some kind, it will be very difficult to secure a career in marketing. There are two great options to choose from, but you may have trouble deciding between the Associate or BS in Business Administration – Marketing. If so, use this guide to better understand the pros and cons of both.

Pros of the Associate Marketing Degree

Perhaps the best thing about the associate degree in marketing is that it prepares you for an entry-level career in just a short amount of time. On average, students complete this 60-credit course in just two years, which may be easier to handle than a longer, four-year bachelor’s degree. In addition, the associate degree will be more affordable. This degree, like most degrees in marketing, is available entirely online, which is very helpful for busy students or those who have family obligations. This degree is also much easier to enroll for than a bachelor’s degree, and most programs have very high acceptance rates for anyone who meets the requirements.

Cons of the Associate Marketing Degree

Unfortunately, not everything about the associate degree is positive. Since it is not as thorough as the bachelor’s degree, graduates will not have the same career options as four-year degree holders. Associate degrees are great for preparing students for entry-level marketing careers, but they are not sufficient for the top careers in the industry or for graduate school.

Pros of the Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing

For anyone who wants to pursue a top career in the field, the marketing bachelor’s degree is your best bet. Since it includes courses like brand development, copywriting, market research and consumer behavior, it prepares students for any number of careers in the field such as marketing manager, market research analyst or consumer researcher. In addition, it is a stepping stone to an MBA or any other master’s degree in business. Since the bachelor’s degree is able to be studied online, even the busiest students can make time to complete the 120 credits and secure a top career in this competitive industry.

Cons of the Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing

Since the bachelor’s degree is so extensive, it takes students in both traditional campuses and online programs an average of four years to complete. Those who are eager to begin working as soon as possible may not appreciate the time and expense that such a lengthy program takes.

There are advantages and disadvantages to the associate degree in marketing and the bachelor’s degree in marketing. Thankfully, both are available online, and students can choose whichever they feel is the best choice for their future.

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