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Since the economy is currently anything but stable, many people from all careers and industries are thinking about positions in the medical field. More than any other industry, medicine has stabilized or grown over the past few years. People will always need doctors when they are ill, and an aging population means that there will continue to be a strong demand for trained individuals in this field. While physicians can expect impressive salaries and relative job security, you may not have a strong desire to head back to school for more than seven years in order to gain employment. Instead, consider a degree like the Applied Science Medical Assistant Associate Degree. It can help get your foot in the door as a medical professional, and you can earn the entire degree online.

What is the Associate of Applied Science (AAS): Medical Assistant Degree?

This associate degree has one basic objective, and that is to prepare students for careers as medical assistants. Some of the work is based on memorizing medical conditions, but parts of the course will include dealing with patients and working through routine medical procedures like drawing blood or taking someone’s blood pressure. Some of the typical courses that you can expect to take while earning an associate degree in medical assisting include medical coding, healthcare ethics, patient safety, pharmacology and handling patient records.

How Long Does This Degree Take to Complete?

Like most associate degrees, the medical assistant program consists of roughly 60 credits. On average, students complete this degree in two years, but that is entirely dependent on where you attend college and how quickly you work through the curriculum. By studying online, you can choose the pace for your studies, and you are allowed to graduate early or later depending on your schedule and your personal preferences.

Who Can Earn a Medical Assistant Associate Degree?

Before you are eligible to enroll in a medical assistant degree program at a traditional or online college, you will need to meet their requirements for admission. Typically, this includes having a high school diploma, having a minimum grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale and submitting references along with your formal application.

Why Should Students Earn Their Degree Online?

Although a college degree can definitely help you get ahead in your career, it is only worthwhile if you complete the whole program. Studying online means that no matter how busy you are, you will always be able to log on from home and complete the work.

What Career Opportunities are Open to Graduates?

As the name of the degree implies, most graduates go on to become medical assistants. Many find work in private practices, clinics, nursing homes and hospitals. There are currently more than half a million medical assistants in the United States, and that number is forecast to grow.

If you are serious about pursuing a medical career, then one of the best education options available is to enroll in an associate degree program offered by an accredited online college.

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