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Some people don’t like change, and they are reluctant even to upgrade their cellphone to a newer version. On the other hand, a large part of the population is very interested in new types of technology, and they are always excited to hear about new innovations and technological developments in the world of science, aviation or healthcare. If you can put yourself firmly in the second group, then you might want to consider a career in technology.

Of course, technology also applies to building things with your hands and creating something from scratch. With one of these associate degrees in technology, all of which you can earn online, you will be able to secure a number of exciting careers in this growing industry.

Associate Degree in Biotechnology

The word biotechnology is a combination of biology and technology, and that helps to explain the subject matter of this two-year degree program. Much of the course is devoted to exploring things at the microscopic level, and it is ideal for those who enjoy science and biology in high school. Most graduates will end up working for pharmaceutical companies, research facilities or medical institutes, and many will work in laboratories.

Associate Degree in Engineering Technology

Engineering is a popular major for students who want to help build structures, repair bridges or find efficient ways to develop new vehicles. The field draws on principles from both math and science, and it is ideal for those who like building and designing new things. This technology degree can be a gateway to engineering careers at the entry-level, and there is a growing need for trained individuals in the field.

Associate in Fire Protection Technology

When firefighters put their lives on the line to protect citizens in burning buildings, they do so with the knowledge that their equipment can protect them. This associate degree in fire protection technology helps to understand why fires occur, how they can be stopped quickly and what materials help extinguish flames in clothing, wooden structures and more.

Associate Degree in Automotive Maintenance Technology

If you love repairing vehicles, you might think that a college degree is not terribly helpful for your career goals. However, an associate degree in a field like automotive maintenance technology can be the perfect way to get a padded resume and secure better jobs with a higher salary.

Associate Degree in Cabinet Design Technology

Although the cabinets in your home might look basic, it takes incredible skill to design and create them. If you enjoy working with wood, then an associate degree in cabinet design technology can teach you about the software used for designing cabinets, the various tools used in creating luxury pieces and other carpentry skills that can propel you to an enjoyable woodworking career on your own or with a furniture and cabinetry company.

Although you might think of technology as working with computers, it can mean a number of different things across various fields. Each of these technology degrees can be completed online and will help you to secure a new career.

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