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Thirty years ago, it was rare to have a computer within the workplace. Employees at financial institutions and retail headquarters used pencils, papers, typewriters and telephones to conduct the majority of their business, and the idea of needing trained computer staff on call would have been mind-boggling. Today, however, it is rare to find anyone who doesn’t rely on a computer for at least part of their workday. For this reason, degree programs in computing and information technology are becoming increasingly popular. A diploma in network systems support is one great option, and you can learn more about the program, the curriculum, the prerequisites and the career opportunities below.

What is the Diploma – Network Systems Support?

If you aren’t interested in earning a full associate or bachelor’s degree in network systems, then earning a diploma could be a better option. Diplomas typically cover the same material, but they don’t require students to take general education courses. This also has the benefit of costing less than a traditional degree, which is a big advantage for aspiring IT professionals on a budget. The objective of this diploma is to train students to take on careers in the world of operating systems and managing networks.

Typical Curriculum

It is important to note that every college or training school offers a slightly different curriculum to students. You will need to check with the school before you can predict what the curriculum will consist of. However, most schools will includes courses like computer technology, network management, operating systems and network routing. These diplomas can take students anywhere from a few weeks to a year to complete, but online students have the option of pursuing the course at their own speed.

Prerequisites for Enrollment

Before you can dive into the courses of a diploma in network systems support, you will need to enroll in the program. This, of course, means that you need to meet the requirements set by the school. These differ from place to place, but almost all schools will expect their applicants to be 18 or older by the time of enrollment, and most also require you to have a high school diploma or the equivalent of a general education degree. It is also advised that applicants feel comfortable completing basic computer functions.

Benefits of an Online Diploma

When faced with the decision between a traditional campus diploma and an online program, many students are unsure of the best option. However, an increasing number of students are opting to study online thanks to the convenience and flexibility of these programs. Rather than spending time commuting to a busy campus, finding parking and adhering to a strict class schedule, you can complete work and exams from the comfort of your own home.

Career Possibilities for Graduates

Once you have graduated with a diploma in network systems support, there are countless possible career opportunities available. Some of the most common job titles include that of computer technician, support deck manager or network administrator.

If you are eager to secure a career in the world of information technology, a degree can be just the key. Thanks to online diploma programs, you don’t have to quit your job or drastically alter your life to get the education you need to get ahead.

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