What Can You Do With an Online B.S. in Information Technology?

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Thanks to the rise of computers in everyday life, one of the most popular options for an undergraduate degree is the bachelor’s degree in information technology. Although this might sound like an interesting topic, students shouldn’t sign up for an online course program unless they know what kind of jobs are available for them after graduation. If you are thinking seriously about pursuing a B.S. in Information Technology – Advanced Networking, you will spend time learning about web development, disaster recovery and search engine optimization. Here are some of the career possibilities that graduates can consider.

Network Security Analyst

Although technology is a big part of the success of most companies and organizations, it can also be a weakness. Securing private business information, vital contacts, important contracts, classified product research or the personal information of clients is a serious task, and those who have studied advanced networking in an information technology degree are just the people for the job. This position involves tasks like checking the system for viruses, regularly updating software, installing firewalls and training other employees about implementing tactics for cyber security.

Marketing Executive and SEO Expert

Although you might be surprised to learn that you can pursue a marketing career with an information technology degree, the pairing is actually more common that you would expect. Since so much of today’s marketing is done over the Internet, trained researchers have to be able to harvest the information of users and process it into recognizable information for marketing and advertising teams. In addition, computer experts need to be able to create marketing content that comes up for search engine searches with popular sites like Bing or Google. In order to achieve this, you will need a thorough understanding of SEO, or search engine optimization.

Computer Systems Analyst

Nearly every medium or large-sized business will need to hire at least one full-time computer systems analyst. The job of a computer systems analyst involves discussing with the company what kind of computer systems are necessary, and then they determine the most cost-effective solution that still meets all the needs of the business. However, the job is not over once the system is in place. You will still need to test the system, the hardware and the software on a regular basis, and you may also interact regularly with other employees who need training on the new system.

Information Technology Expert

Although this title might seem vague, it is a common position for IT graduates with degrees in advanced networking. Your job as an information technology expert is primarily to help employees troubleshoot the hardware and software used by the company. You might spend your morning responding to emails, and then you might hold a seminar teaching managers how to address common computer problems. As an information technology expert or consultant, your expertise is invaluable to a business, and it is hard to imagine a fully-functioning modern office without at least a handful of IT professionals to help staff.

If you are interested in securing a stable and lucrative career revolving around information technology, consider specializing in advanced networking. Thanks to the availability, convenience and flexibility of online degree programs, it is easier than ever to fit these various courses into your daily life.

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