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Although many industries have been faced with low employment numbers and less than impressive salaries in the past few years, the medical field continues to grow. There are many reasons for this steady increase, but the root causes involve higher rates of obesity as well as an aging Baby Boomer population. Regardless of the reasons for growth, the result is that that there is a growing need for trained individuals to work in the medical profession.

Thankfully, you don’t have to go to school for a decade in order to find a career at a nursing home, a hospital or a private clinic. In fact, training to work as a medical assistant can take as little as two years, and students have the option of completing the entire degree program online.

Discover more about what medical aides do, what types of medical assisting degrees are available, where you can find a career and how an online degree could be the key to having it all.

What Do Medical Aides Do Each Day?

The tasks that fill up the day of a medical aide or assistant are varied, and it all depends on the field of medicine that you are most interested in. Some medical aides spend their days meeting with patients, taking their vital information and then asking questions about symptoms and pain.

Others might teach patients about nutrition and how to effectively take their diabetes medication. Still more assistants will join in physical therapy sessions or be the right hand man to an anesthesiologist during a surgical procedure. Wherever there is a medical professional, there is sure to be an assistant helping nearby.

Which Medical Assisting Degrees are Available?

There are a number of medical assisting degrees available to interested students, and you can choose which program best fits your career goals, your schedule, your drive and your budget.

Although you will be able to find several medical assisting programs that offer certificates or diplomas at completion, an associate degree may be a better choice as it carries more weight in the medical industry. However, you can choose between an associate degree that specializes in clinical medical assisting, physical therapy assisting or even clinical medical assisting.

What are the Career Possibilities for Medical Aides?

One of the best things about earning a medical assisting degree is how versatile this qualification really is. Once you graduate, you might go on to work in the emergency room of a hospital, as the aide to a family physician in a private practice or as an aide in a nursing home.

The choice is yours, and you can find a suitable location to work that helps you feel stimulated and rewarded each day.

What are the Benefits of an Online Education?

By pursuing your medical assisting degree online instead of at a traditional college campus, you will be able to take advantage of the benefits reserved for online students.

Rather than spending time commuting, waiting in traffic or trying to find a parking spot, you can simply log onto your computer and start studying from the comfort of home. In addition, online courses can be cheaper, and you have more flexibility to move through the curriculum at your own pace.

If you are serious about becoming a medical assistant, then getting an associate degree is the first step. Visit to find out more about the online degrees available.

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