Reasons to Earn a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

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To many people, writing is more than a way to get a basic point across to another person. It is an art form, and those who write creatively consider themselves to be artists. It should not come as a surprise, then, to learn that one of the highest degrees in writing is actually the Master of Fine Arts. This master’s degree lets you specialize in several different fields, but creative writing is one of the most popular. You don’t need an advanced degree to become a great writer, but it can certainly help. Here are the top reasons to earn your master’s in fine arts in writing creatively.

Get Your Work Critiqued by Experts

If you are a writer, then you have probably already shared your work with others over time. Although it might feel nice to have your mother praise your latest attempts, the feedback of friends and family is never going to be brutally honest or even necessarily helpful. To become a better writer, you need to have others show you your weaknesses. The professors, lecturers and fellow students of an M.F.A. program can dissect your writing and help you to weed out any bad habits in your craft. For people who can’t handle criticism, this can be a painful experience. If you make it out the other side, however, your writing will undoubtedly improve significantly.

Write on a Schedule

If you are like many creative writers, it can be difficult to force yourself to write on a schedule. Although you might have plans to write the next great American novel on your own, it is incredibly difficult to motivate yourself to write for long stretches at a time. If you work better with a deadline looming, this kind of program is especially beneficial. You will have to produce work on certain dates, which will encourage you to write regularly and stick to a schedule.

You Enjoy Classic Literature

Many of the master’s in fine arts writing programs spend time analyzing classic literature and learning from these exceptional pieces of writing. If you are already interested in these books and plays, then studying them further will only improve your writing. However, those who prefer contemporary novels may not get as much out of these courses.

You Want to Network With Others in the Field

From a career perspective, many enrolled students in this degree program want nothing more than to become published authors who earn a living from their writing. Unfortunately, that is becoming more and more difficult over time. One of the keys to success is networking, and nowhere will you have a better opportunity than at an MFA writing program. Your fellow students and teachers will read your work, and they will remember those who have promise. Even years later, these connections can help you to secure publishing contracts and book deals.

To Teach Writing to Others

Earning your MFA in writing creatively is one of the best ways to secure a teaching job at the college level. Although you may still want to become a full-time writer, working as a college lecturer can be a smart way to pay the bills and continue within the field of writing and academia.

If you already hold a bachelor’s degree and you love writing, the next logical step for you may be earning a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. Thanks to the degree courses available through, it is easier than ever to fit Internet-based courses into your busy life.

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