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One of the many reasons that individuals choose to work in the medical industry is because they want to help people. However, it is not just the doctors and nurses in the hospital who help diagnose and treat ailments. There are thousands of different people in any given hospital who work together to help patients recover from injuries, surgeries and illnesses. One of the most important people in terms of diagnosis is the ultrasound technician. Ultrasound technicians, also called sonographers, use advanced medical equipment to diagnose tumors, growths and problems in the human body. Discover how a two-year degree online can put you on the path toward an exciting and fulfilling new career in the medical industry.

Understanding the Associate of Diagnostic General Sonography

This degree program, like most associate degrees, will take students an average of two years to complete. It consists of 60 credits, and the objective is to prepare graduates for careers in sonography. You will learn how to operate ultrasound and sonography equipment in order to create images of the human body, and you will also learn how to read and understand these images. Finally, the course will prepare you to speak with patients, walk them through the imaging procedures and explain the results as well as any potential treatment that might be required.

Prerequisites for Enrollment

Many colleges, both online and traditional campuses, will require all applicants to have a high school diploma or a general education degree before they are eligible for enrollment. Beyond that, every school differs slightly. Some of the common requirements include submitting a written essay with your application, having references from previous teachers or employers, being certified in CPR and meeting certain SAT or ACT standards. Interested applicants should always read the requirements of each school before sending in an application.

Curriculum and Course Topics

Students should expect to take roughly five classes each semester for two years in order to complete the associate degree in diagnostic sonography. The medical portion of the program will typically include classes like anatomy, biology and physiology. A core part of the program will also revolve around using sonography equipment, reading images and even doing basic maintenance on the most common types of equipment used in hospitals around the world. Students should also anticipate courses like healthcare ethics, patient communication and emergency medical response.

Earning Your Degree Online

Although this degree can be earned at numerous college campuses around the country, many students are turning to online degrees to graduate faster. If you have family obligations or a full-time job, it can be challenging to make time for a set class schedule. With the flexibility and convenience of an online degree, you can easily do your work, take exams and listen to live lectures from the comfort of your own home. Plus, in many cases an online course can even be cheaper than its traditional campus counterpart.

If you are interested in a career a diagnostic ultrasound technician, then consider a degree offered by an accredited online college.

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