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Although many people around the world love fashion, only a small percentage are lucky enough to find a career they love in the fashion industry. If you are the kind of person who is always on the lookout for new trends, or if you love designing your own clothing, then it might seem obvious that a fashion career is the right match for you.

The key is to earn a degree in fashion design and merchandising. From there, you will have countless opportunities to secure a career in this exciting world. Here are just a few of the most interesting positions you could earn with an online degree.

Fashion Designer

This is one of the most obvious careers in fashion, and it might be something that you are interested in.

Although the field is competitive, those who have the right education as well as plenty of motivation can go far. You will need to know how to design clothes using computer software, but you also need the ability to sew using traditional machines.

You might decide to open your own boutique stocked with handmade clothing, or you could start a label and sell clothes online or to specific department stores around the world.

Fashion Journalist

You don’t have to be deeply involved with fashion design or merchandising in order to secure this career. Fashion journalists often attend fashion shows, and their job is to report to their readers about the styles and pieces on sale in the coming season.

They may also judge or critique designers, or they may give their opinions about celebrity outfits at award shows and red carpets. With a background in fashion thanks to an associate or bachelor’s degree in the field, you might choose to start an independent fashion blog or even start writing for an online fashion magazine.

Showroom Managers

When you step into a clothing store, the first thing you will see is what a showroom manager wants you to see. These managers create attractive displays in stores to bring in shoppers, highlight new items and encourage browsing throughout the store. Along with a knowledge of fashion trends, showroom managers should be artistic, creative and have great spatial awareness to understand and plan larger store displays.

Fashion Buyers

A fashion buyer is the person who decides which items to order for a retail store. At a small boutique, this person might just look around the local area for a few pieces here and there, but department store buyers have serious careers flying around the world to see new designer products.

Trend Forecasters

These individuals often work as consultants for big brands and department stores. Their job involves forecasting the biggest fashion trends for the coming season or year, and they often spend time in big cities like Tokyo, Paris or New York to spot the trends in action.

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