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Since the field of information technology is clearly one of the largest industries in the world, it makes sense that so many people would be interested in pursuing a career in this field.

However, not everyone is prepared to spend four or more years pursuing a bachelor’s degree or even a graduate degree in information technology. Thankfully, you don’t have to study for half a decade or even step foot on a college campus in order to secure a new career.

With an online degree such as the Associate in Information Technology/Desktop Support, you could be ready for a lucrative and stable career in IT in less than two years.

Learn more about how you can enroll for this degree, what kind of courses you might take, the various careers available to degree holders and the benefits of earning your associate degree online.

Prerequisites for Enrolling in an Associate Degree in Desktop Support

Before you can sign up to start earning your associate degree in desktop support, you will need to meet a handful of specific prerequisites set by your college. Aspiring students should be 18 by the time of enrollment and have either a general education degree or a high school diploma. Those not yet 18 may be able to apply with written or verbal permission from their parents or legal guardians.

Many colleges will also expect students to have a minimum of a 2.8 grade point average on a 4.0 scale from their high school career, and you might also need to submit minimum SAT or ACT scores for admission. Paying a small fee along with your application is also normal with most online and campus colleges.

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Typical Curriculum For The Two-Year Degree Program

In a typical two-year associate degree program, the majority of courses will relate to the major, which in this case is information technology and desktop support.

A few of the courses that you can expect to come across on your syllabus include computer networks, database management systems, network troubleshooting, data structures and information security.

Careers Available to Degree Holders

After two years, you will graduate with a degree in desktop support. Since trained individuals in this field are in demand, most graduates are able to find work quickly.

Desktop support specialists can work in financial institutions, retail headquarters, political groups and even nonprofit organizations. You might spend time helping staff maintain and access information, or you could help run the network systems.

Benefits of Earning Your IT Degree Online

Unsurprisingly, a large number of students earning IT degrees opt to study online. Since these students typically already feel comfortable using computers, this is a natural fit.

You won’t have to adjust your schedule to attend specific classes as you can stream lectures live or watch them recorded later at your convenience. Whatever your career ambitions are, an online degree can help.

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