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Although some people dread trips to the gym or their morning exercise routine, there are many others who enjoy being physically active, learning about their anatomy and discovering ways to push harder and further in their respective sports. If you are this kind of person, or if you want to become someone with a solid background in sports medicine and physical fitness, then earning an online associate degree can be a great place to start.

By studying subjects like nutrition, weight management, physiology, sports psychology and fitness technology, you can prepare for dozens of interesting and fulfilling careers. Here is a list of the top careers you can pursue after earning an Associate of Sports Medicine & Fitness Technology degree.

Physical Therapy Assistant

Although becoming a licensed physical therapist can take many years of advanced study, this two-year degree may be all that it takes to become an assistant physical therapist.

With a background in sports and fitness, you can use your anatomy and kinesiology knowledge to help athletes recover from injuries and get back to their respective sports. You might also assist an occupational therapist and help individuals get back to daily life by regaining physical strength, motor control and flexibility.

Personal Trainer

One of the most obvious careers for those with a degree in sports medicine and fitness technology is that of personal trainer. Since you know all about how best to achieve a healthy weight, achieve flexibility and build muscle, you can train personal clients to help them meet specific goals. You might work in a fitness facility, or you can train clients privately in their own homes.

Athletic Coach

If you got your associate degree because of a serious interest in sports medicine, then it makes sense to put it to use as an athletic coach of some kind.

If you participated in a sport at the high school or college level, then you familiar enough with the rules to handle the coaching aspect.

With anatomical knowledge and basic sports psychology, you will know how hard to push athletes to help them reach their potential without burning out too soon.

Nutritionist or Wellness Coach

A very popular career option for graduates holding this associate degree is that of nutritionist. Unlike a dietitian, a position that requires state licensing and a minimum of four years in college, a nutritionist does not need a specific degree.

However, a two-year program can be sufficient to prepare you to help clients lose weight, lower their blood pressure or find healthy meals even with diabetes.

Massage Therapist

A successful massage therapist is someone incredibly familiar with human anatomy, and there is no better candidate than someone with a degree in sports medicine and fitness technology. You can work with a salon, a wellness center or a fitness facility, and the work is typically not stressful and very fulfilling.

To pursue any one of these careers, sign up for an online degree today and get started on achieving your goals.

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