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Despite the fears of many individuals regarding the current economy and state of the job market, the medical industry is one field that continues to grow. The obesity epidemic as well as the rising median age of the baby boomer generation means that medical attention is in great demand, and along with that comes the rise in medical insurance providers and their employees.

If you are looking for a new career that can give you stability as well as financial security, then working as a health claims examiner or a medical biller could be the perfect fit. Discover whether either of these careers would be suitable for your future with the guide below.

What is a Health Claims Examiner?

The job of a medical claims examiner is to ensure that healthcare providers are properly submitting medical insurance claims to the insurance companies. They will typically work for insurance providers, and they won’t need an extensive formal education in order to secure an entry-level position.

Daily tasks for a health claims examiner might include comparing procedures to the diagnoses, checking preexisting conditions of patients or determining whether certain surgeries, treatments or medications are deemed smart ways of handling a specific condition.

Despite not requiring advanced degrees, a health claims examiner earned an average salary of $58,620 in 2010 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the United States. Explore your options for earning your credentials online.

What is a Medical Biller?

The job of a medical biller is remarkably similar to that of a health claims examiner. Although the positions are certainly different, it is relatively easy to switch back and forth between the two positions over the course of a career.

A medical biller is someone who turns patient claims into understandable information to be processed by the health claims examiners and insurance providers. A medical biller is also often called a medical coder because of the way that they code information rather than writing out the information.

Medical billing is one of the industries where employees can often work from home rather than in an office.

Education Required For a Career as a Health Claims Examiner/Medical Biller

Unlike most careers in the medical industry, you won’t necessarily need to have a college degree in order to become either a health claims examiner or a medical biller. Of course, having an associate degree or even a bachelor’s degree can help you get ahead faster and increase your earning potential in the industry. Typically, an online certificate or diploma is sufficient for these careers.

Perks of an Online Degree

Many aspiring students think that heading back to school for credentials will result in huge tuition fees and more wasted time. Thankfully, an online certification can take as little as two months, and you can complete all of the work and exams from the comfort of your own computer at home.

Whether you want to become a medical biller or a health claims examiner, an online certification, degree or diploma can help you achieve your goals in less time.

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