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If you enjoy caring for others, then you might be interested in seeking out a career where your job description involves helping patients. Although some medical professions like nursing will allow you to help others on a regular basis, you might not look forward to that stressful work environment or the amount of training require beforehand. One of the perfect careers is that of a physical therapy assistant.

Under the direction of a licensed physical therapist, you will help others to regain strength and mobility, and you can become trained online in less than two years.

Discover what a physical therapy assistant does in a typical day, what the associate degree program in physical therapy assisting looks like, what the prerequisites are for enrollment and how an online degree can be beneficial.

A Typical Day For a Physical Therapy Assistant

Before you think seriously about finding a career as a physical therapy assistant, it is important to have a thorough knowledge of what these individuals do during a typical day of work.

You might start your day by organizing the schedule and preparing the physical therapy space for the first client. After the session, which you would typically assist with, you might run through basic exercises with the patient alone. You might then prepare for the next session or call patients to remind them of upcoming appointments.

Although physical therapy assistants play a hands-on role during therapy, they may also be expected to tackle administrative duties.

Understanding the Physical Therapist Assisting – Associate Degree

In order to become a licensed physical therapy assistant, you will need to pass a program recognized by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education.

There are currently over 250 of these courses, and most are associate degree programs. The kinds of things that you might study during a two-year associate degree program include therapeutic exercise, healthcare law, medical terminology, anatomy and sports medicine.

Prerequisites For Enrollment in an Online Degree Program

If you are considering an online degree rather than a traditional campus degree, the prerequisites for enrollment will be nearly identical. Students who apply should already hold a high school diploma, but some schools will also accept an equivalent general education degree.

You should have a firm grasp on basic math and science principles, and you may need to submit information like high school transcripts, references from educators in your past or SAT scores.

Benefits of Getting Your Degree Online

There are many advantages to earning your physical therapy assisting degree online. Rather than worrying about commuting, parking and adhering to strict classroom schedules, you can have the flexibility to study anywhere and at any time.

Nothing is more convenient than taking exams or watching recorded lectures from the comfort of your own living room. Plus, you can adjust the speed of the program to better fit your schedule. Find out what types of online degrees are available to help you reach your goals.

If you are interested in becoming a physical therapy assistant, a degree is necessary. can help you find the right school and degree program to meet your educational needs.

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