A Master’s in Criminal Justice and Terrorism Will Allow You to Help Secure Our Freedom

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With the threat of nuclear war and the religious tension between many key players around the world, it is easy to feel unprotected and unsafe in today’s society. There are a number of wonderful individuals who take the need for security seriously and join the government or the military as their career. However, you don’t need to enlist in order to help protect the nation.

Earning an Criminal Justice – Terrorism, Mediation and Peace can be a great way to prepare for a new career and do some good for your fellow citizens. Learn more about what this degree entails, what the prerequisites are for enrollment, how you can earn your master’s degree online and what kind of career opportunities will be available to graduates.

Learn More About the Master’s in Criminal Justice With an Emphasis on Terrorism

This degree takes the principles of criminal justice and applies them on a global scale. You will study subjects like behavioral therapy, which can help you classify terrorists and international criminals, but you will also stick closer to home with subjects like management and group organization theories.

Some of the most common subjects that you will study over the course of this one to two-year advanced degree program include ethics, social justice, victimology, public policy and criminal justice research. The objective is to prepare students for management careers in anti-terrorism and security organizations throughout the world.

Understand the Prerequisites For Enrollment

Like almost all advanced degrees, the master’s in criminal justice and terrorism will require applicants to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. However, students can typically have their undergraduate degree in any subject.

Applicants will also be expected to have a minimum grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale from their college career, and they may also need to submit references from college professors or teaching staff. It is also common to submit a written essay as well as GRE or GMAT scores as proof of your readiness to tackle advanced graduate courses.

Earning Your Master’s Degree Online

You might be surprised to learn that students can easily tackle the challenge of an advanced degree over the Internet. Instead of sitting in class on a college campus, you can stream lectures live at your convenience.

You will do the research at your own pace, and even exams and dissertations can be turned in whenever you have completed them.

Careers and Employment Options in This Field

The objective for most students is to complete this degree and find a secure and fulfilling career.

A large number of graduates will find employment with the police force, with international think tanks, with disaster response groups in the government and with protection departments like the National Security Administration or Homeland Security.

Earning a master’s degree in this field can be a smart way to advance your career and protect your nation. Thanks to accredited online colleges, getting a master’s from the comfort of home is a real possibility. Visit to explore your opportunities for earning your college degree online.

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