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While there are many reasons to pursue a college degree, one of the most obvious is so that students can be ready to take on new careers after graduation. An AOS degree, or associate degree in occupational studies, is a two-year program that specifically prepares students for a particular degree. While there are degree programs available in everything from the culinary arts to business administration, one of the most popular options in today’s economy is the medical industry.

This field offers stability and the potential for advancement, and you can choose to focus on medical assisting or even medical office administration. Discover more about the AOS Medical Specialties Degree, who can apply to enroll, where you can study and what careers are available for graduates by using this guide.

What is an Associate of Occupational Studies in Medical Specialties?

Generally speaking, an associate degree in occupational studies will take about two years to complete, and it typically consists of 60 credits taken over a total of four semesters. You can choose your medical specialty, and the majority of your courses will then be focused in that area. The degree objective is to prepare students for careers immediately following graduation.

What Kind of Course Can I Expect to Take?

Over the two years of the degree program, you can expect to take a total of 20 different classes. No matter what your specialty ends up being, a handful of your classes will be in general education subjects like math, science or written communication. However, the majority of your courses will directly reflect your specialty.

If you focus on medical office administration, for example, you might be in courses like office software, medical terminology and insurance coding.

Who Can Enroll In an AOS Degree Program?

While every college differs slightly when it comes to their enrollment requirements, it is universally assumed that students will have either a general education degree or a high school diploma. Students also typically need to be over the age of 18, and they may be required to take a placement exam to ensure that they can handle the course materials.

Where Can I Earn This Degree?

The associate degree in occupational studies is one of the many degrees that can be conveniently earned online or through a traditional college campus.

By enrolling in an online degree program, students will have the flexibility and freedom to complete coursework from the comfort of home, study whenever they have time and still work or attend to family matters according to their own schedule.

What are My Career Options After Graduation?

Many of the careers available to graduates are entry-level positions, but they can be a smart way to get your foot in the door of a new industry. Graduates often go on to work as physical therapy assistants, office administrators and medical billers.

If you are ready to take the next step towards a secure career in the medical industry, an online degree like the AOS could help you get there faster.

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