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Although the person in charge of the operating room is typically a surgeon with extensive training and a medical degree, there are many other people who work to make every medical surgery a success. If you are interested in a secure career in the medical world, then working as a surgical tech could be a smart move that can give you the financial freedom you have always dreamed of.

A degree like the associate in surgical technology takes just two years to complete, but it can help you prepare for a lifetime of fulfillment. Discover more about the degree, the enrollment prerequisites, the courses offered and the perks of studying online.

Understanding More About the Associate Degree in Surgical Technology

This associate degree is a two-year program that trains students to become surgical technologists. Their daily tasks in this kind of position include preparing patients for surgery, actually assisting in the surgical procedures and assisting physicians after the procedure.

The degree is a great way to better understand the surgical world, enter the industry and then decide if you would like to pursue this as a full-time career or head further up the ladder with additional medical training and certifications.

Prerequisites For Enrollment in This Degree Program

Before you can enroll in an associate degree like this one in surgical technology, you will need to apply to the school of your choice and submit a written application form, a minimal application fee and all of your educational transcripts and references.

You will typically have to be over the age of 18 or have parental permission, and applicants should also have either their high school diploma or the equivalent of a general education degree. Some colleges will ask applicants to submit references from previous teachers or employers as well.

Typical Curriculum of the Degree

This associate degree will consist of roughly 60 credits, and the majority of the courses will relate directly to the major.

You can expect to take courses in subjects like human anatomy, physiology, developmental psychology, microbiology, surgical specialties and body structure, but other common courses included in the curriculum are medical terminology, medical law and healthcare ethics.

The Perks of Earning Your Degree Online

If you know that you want to become a surgical technologist, you can either study for your degree online or through a traditional college campus program.

If you are a busy person, have to work and study or have family to take care of, then studying online is a smart choice. You won’t have to worry about long commutes or parking, and you can complete all of your work right from the comfort of home.

You will still be able to enjoy all of the resources of a traditional college campus, but you can speed up or slow down the pace of the degree to fit in with your own schedule.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that by 2018, the demand for surgical technologists will increase by 25 percent. Prepare for this new career by earning an associate degree online today.

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