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Over the last few decades, the rate of technological growth has increased substantially, and there are constantly new careers opening up that require candidates who are trained in the latest forms of information technology. Many businesses, for example, need to hire employees who understand Cisco networking in order to help them run the IT side of their companies and protect sensitive information.

If you feel comfortable around computers and want to find out how to prepare for a stable and lucrative position in two years or less, then a degree like the Associate in Information Technology/Cisco Networking is likely the perfect fit.

Uncover more about the degree, the prerequisites for enrollment, the required courses in the curriculum and the career possibilities after graduation.

Basics About the Associate in Information Technology and Cisco Networking

This degree is an A.A., or Associate of Arts, and it typically consists of 60 credits and takes two years to complete. The objective of the degree program is to prepare students for careers in information technology, and they will usually go on to sit for the Cisco Certified Network Associate Exam and become certified network experts. Cisco may be a brand of software program, but it is so widely used that having a certification in it can be a fantastic way to find a new career.

Prerequisites For Enrollment

Every college of training school will have their own individual requirements for potential students. However, many of the guidelines will include the same handful of prerequisites. Before Degree in Information Technology Onlineyou enroll, you should be able to submit transcripts from your high school, a copy of your diploma or a copy of your general education degree.

All students should feel confident using computers, and having a basic understanding of science and technology will go a long way in making the courses easier for you to understand.

Typical Curriculum and Courses to Expect

Once again, it is worth noting that every school or college has their own curriculum, and it may vary slightly depending on where you choose to attend.

Overall, students can expect to study courses like the fundamentals of information systems, security concepts, routing and switching management and local area networking.

Since you will be taking an average of 20 courses, you can typically choose an area on which you would like to concentrate.

Career Options For Graduates

The associate degree is often a platform for continuing education, and you will always have the option of pursuing a bachelor’s degree with an additional two years of study. However, simply the associate degree will be sufficient to secure careers like network systems analyst, data communications analyst or network administrator.

Those who decide to sit for the Cisco certification exam can also specialize in this area of information technology, which is used extensively in a number of industries.

If you are interested in an IT career, then a degree can be the best way to prepare. By studying online, you can stream live lectures, take exams in your own time and fit studying into your busy schedule. Find out more about earning this technology certification.

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