Biomedical Engineering Technology is a Great Field to Consider

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Biomedical Engineering TechnologyThe medical industry is one field that continues to grow in the United States, and there is no sign of its growth slowing or stopping. In order to treat a growing number of patients, there are incredible technological leaps happening in everything from prescription medication to laser surgical procedures.

If you are interested in biology as well as engineering, then a degree like the bachelor’s in biomedical engineering technology could be the right fit for your future.

Discover more about what the degree entails, what a biomedical engineer does each day, the prerequisites for enrollment in the degree program and how you can study online to complete your degree.

Understanding the Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering Technology

This degree takes an average of four years to complete, and it is made up of roughly 120 credits. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for careers in biomedical engineering, and the courses are focused on biology, medicine and engineering. A sample of some of the most popular courses might include biomechanics, medical imaging instrumentation, human physiology for engineers and quantitative analysis. Most students will also have a senior project to complete that revolves around a subject of their own choosing.

Daily Tasks of a Biomedical Engineer

Biomedical engineers are an integral part of the medical industry, and their demand is forecast to grow significantly over the next decade. As a biomedical engineer, you might spend your day researching new pharmaceutical medications, analyzing data or developing new artificial devices like limbs or even pacemakers for the heart.

Biomedical engineers work with large corporations, in hospitals and in medical technology facilities, and they can earn impressive salaries that surpass those in many other fields.

Prerequisites of the Degree Program

If you are serious about becoming a biomedical engineer and earning your degree, you will first need to meet the prerequisites set by the school in question.

Like most bachelor’s degree programs, this one requires all applicants to have either a high school diploma or a general education degree.

In addition, you should be apply to submit your SAT or ACT scores, high school transcripts and a written admission essay. Since this degree program is heavy on science and computing, students may be asked to pass minimum requirements tests or enroll in basic math and science courses before beginning the core subjects.

Earning Your Bachelor’s Degree Online

Over the past several years, there has been a significant increase in the number of students opting to study online rather than at a traditional college campus.

By studying online, you can have the flexibility to watch recorded lectures from your computer, stream classes live and even take exams whenever you have time in your schedule. For parents or those who work in addition to earning a degree, this is a smart way to save time and get more done in each day.

The first step on the path towards becoming a recognized and well-paid biomedical engineer is earning your bachelor’s degree through an accredited online college. Find out more at

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