Exciting Career Potential With an Online Degree in Health Club Operations

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If you have an outgoing personality and a serious interest in fitness, then you may have thought about working in the health industry. In the past, it was difficult to find a degree program that covered the business aspect of running a health club along with the exercise science aspect, but now there is one degree that includes both.

The Associate in Business Administration in Health Club Operations is an extensive program that covers a range of subjects and prepares students for success in their careers after graduation.

Discover more about the degree, what courses are typically found on the curriculum, who can apply, what the career opportunities are for graduates and why an online degree could be the best choice for you.

What is the Associate Degree in Business Administration in Health Club Operations?

Unlike the vast majority of associate degrees, this program includes 90 credits, which can take an average of three years to complete. The reason that this degree is slightly longer than most is due to the fact that it is made up of courses in everything from nutrition to business accounting.

What Courses Can I Expect to Take?

This degree program starts with a handful of required courses that provide the backbone for your general education and include things like basic mathematics, business communications and English composition.

The majority of your courses, however, will relate directly to your major. Expect to see names like accounting, human resources management, marketing, customer service and economics. Since the focus of the degree is on health club operations, a few additional courses will typically include anatomy and physiology, nutrition and exercise science.

What are My Career Possibilities After Graduation?

There is almost no end to the kinds of employment you can pursue after graduation. Many students decide to open up their own spas, fitness facilities or gyms, and others will take on management positions in existing franchises.

Other career possibilities include that of health club sales representative, personnel at a sports camp, personal trainer or customer service manager for a large health club.

Who Can Apply For Enrollment in This Degree Program?

Before you can enroll in this degree program, you will have to be accepted by the admission staff at the college of your choosing. They will typically ask for copies of your high school diploma or the equivalent of a general education degree. You should also have your transcripts, references from previous employers or teachers and a written admissions essay.

Why is an Online Option The Best Choice?

For anyone who already has a busy schedule, an online degree can be a smart way to fit in education. You can watch lectures from the comfort of home, avoid commuting to class each day and work around your existing schedule. Plus, online tuition rates can often be more affordable than their traditional counterparts.

To begin a new and exciting career in the world of health club operations, consider earning an associate degree through one of the many accredited online colleges at

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