Advance Your Software Engineering Career With an Online Master’s Degree

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If you already have a career in software engineering, or if you are just ready to begin one, then you might already realize that having a Masters of Software Engineering is going to be a smart way to get ahead. Although there are plenty of stable employment positions that only require a bachelor’s degree in the subject, there is no question that having a master’s will increase your earning potential and open up new career and promotion possibilities.

Discover what the prerequisites for the degree are, what kind of employment options await you after graduation, what subjects you can expect to study and how you can earn your degree over the Internet.

Prerequisites For Enrollment

The specific requirements for applicants will differ slightly from school to school. As you might expect, those universities with established programs and higher overall rankings will expect higher GRE and GMAT scores from applicants as well as a higher overall grade point average.

Typically, however, students will need to have a bachelor’s degree in a related subject. If you did not study software engineering in college, but you do have at least two years of software engineering experience, then you may qualify for enrollment. It is also typical to require students to submit transcripts and references.

Employment Opportunities For Those With an MS in Software Engineering

The most obvious career option for graduates in this field is that of software engineer, but that is a generic title that doesn’t convey the number of opportunities available for graduates with an MS. Some of the most common titles for graduates include that of systems analyst, software architect, system designer and project manager.

You might work to create brand new software programs for space, for the operating room or just for everyday applications on smartphones.

Typical Subjects and Courses Offered With This Degree Program

A standard master’s degree in software engineering is made up of roughly 36 credits, which will take online students an average of one year to complete.

Part of the degree program will consist of a master’s thesis, and the subject can be chosen by the student as long as it is directly related to software engineering. Some of the most common classes to see on the curriculum for this degree include that of requirements engineering, analyzing software design patterns and software architecture. Students will learn how to create software of all varieties, but they will typically focus in on one particular area.

Benefits of Earning Your Degree Over the Internet

Some potential students are still concerned about the logistics of earning their master’s degrees online. However, online education is growing increasingly popular each year, and it is easy to see why. Skip the daily commute and instead watch lectures on your home computer, take exams whenever you have time and easily juggle work, family and education all at once.

To get ahead in the field of software engineering, a master’s degree earned through an accredited online college can be the smartest choice for busy individuals. Find out more at

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