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Around the world, there are children and families who need the help of trained and educated individuals. With the right support, care and education, children can find foster families that will love them, parents can learn how to deal with rebellious teenagers and siblings can understand the reasons for divorce.

If you are someone who wants to make a real difference in the lives of others, then you might be thinking seriously about earning a degree like the BS in Human Services.

Before you enroll into an online degree program through an accredited online college, learn more about the degree, the courses and the careers that are possible after graduation.

What are the Requirements for Enrollment?

Like nearly every bachelor’s degree program in the country, any interested applicants should already have their high school diploma or the equivalent of a general education degree.

Students currently enrolled in a high school course with plans to graduate in the next several months might also be eligible. Admissions counselors who are in charge of admitting students into this program might also request to see your high school transcripts, or they may require SAT or ACT scores to ensure that you meet their minimum standards.

It is also common to submit a written application, essay and references from those who can attest to your character, dedication or intellect.

What Courses are Typical?

During the average of 180 credits that it takes to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in human services with a focus on child and family welfare, you will take roughly 60 different classes.

Some of the required classes that pertain to your major might include human behavior, crisis intervention, advocacy for youth, legal issues in human services, child welfare and psychology.

In addition, most schools will expect students to complete a range of core classes that include math and communications to create a well-rounded individual by the completion of the degree program.

What Careers are Available in Child and Family Welfare?

Once you have graduated with your bachelor’s degree in human services, you can explore a variety of careers in the field of child and family welfare.

You might find fulfillment as a social worker, case manager, child protection advocate or even as family services coordinator. With additional certification, you can climb further up the ladder to advance your career.

Why is an Online Degree Such a Good Choice?

Although it is not difficult to find human services degree programs at traditional college campuses, many students opt to study through an online degree program instead.

These programs are ideal for busy students or parents because they let you study from home, watch lectures in your own time and even complete the exams when you feel ready. In addition, tuition rates are often lower for online students thanks to fewer overhead costs for online colleges.

By enrolling into an online degree program in human services with a focus on child and family welfare, you can secure a career that really makes a difference.

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